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XM Cloud opens an exciting new chapter in Sitecore’s history. It provides a modern, composable, cloud-based CMS that can be used to create a customer experience stack with your tools all working together.

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Benefits of Sitecore XM Cloud

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    No More Upgrades

    Because XM Cloud is SaaS-based, you'll gain new features without having to perform costly upgrades.

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    No Infrastructure to Manage

    XM Cloud's cloud-native architecture means you no longer have to install or manage your own infrastructure.

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    Rapidly Launch Content

    Creating and launching new customer experiences is faster than ever, even with personalization.

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    Fast Performance

    XM Cloud’s headless architecture enables increased site speed, a snappier user experience, and better Google Lighthouse scores.

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    A cloud-based system means you can cost-effectively and easily scale up and down as your needs demand.

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    XM Cloud is composable which enables you to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

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    Agility for Marketers

    Marketers can easily orchestrate the experience across campaigns with user-friendly tools.

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    Agility for Developers

    Developers can quickly build and launch new experiences using modern front-end frameworks.

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    Discover Oshyn's Sitecore Expertise

    Oshyn offers a comprehensive set of Sitecore services, including Sitecore development, design support, as well as ongoing Sitecore DevOps and Sitecore maintenance.

    With 17+ years of Sitecore experience and over 40 Sitecore projects successfully completed, Oshyn is perfectly placed to design, implement, and maintain your Sitecore infrastructure.

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    As a Sitecore partner for over a dozen years, we've built our reputation working closely with major brands to implement compelling digital experiences.

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