A Transition to Composable Boosts Performance by 60%+

Teacher using CTAMB website

The California Teachers Association Member Benefits (CTAMB) is a subsidiary of the California Teachers Association and National Education Association Member Benefits, which offers insurance, retirement support, financial benefits, and discounts on travel and other activities for teachers.


Moving the California Teachers Association Member Benefits website to a composable DXP with XM Cloud and Sitecore Search from Sitecore XP improved response time by 60%.

The Challenge

CTAMB was using Sitecore XP 9.3 to manage its website and digital presence. However, the license was expiring, and they would lose support from Sitecore if they didn’t upgrade to the latest version. Additionally they were looking to improve performance with a new website.

As a long-term partner of CTAMB, frequently relied on for its Sitecore expertise, Oshyn stepped in to help with this issue by helping them transition to XM Cloud and Sitecore Search as their new composable solution.

The Solution

Upgrading the Digital Experience

By moving to a SaaS platform, CTAMB could benefit from automatic upgrades, saving them a substantial amount of money over five years and lowering the overall total cost of ownership.

Additionally, Google Lighthouse scores would increase, leading to higher SEO rankings and an improved customer experience. Convinced by these opportunities, CTAMB moved to a composable solution that included XM Cloud and Sitecore Search with Oshyn’s assistance.

Oshyn rebuilt the CTAMB website using a headless approach in Next.js and React leveraging the creative and UX from the previous website. A brand new website was delivered with the previous functionality remaining intact. The transition to the new site was smooth, with no interruptions and several performance-related improvements.

“Building the new site using a headless approach was the catalyst that CTAMB needed to improve performance in response time, PageSpeed, and Lighthouse scores,” said Christian Burne, Oshyn VP, Technology and Co-Founder.

The enhanced forms on the new site were faster and more responsive, as was the overall user experience. The old code base for the CTAMB website was created using .NET C#. However, Oshyn leveraged modern technologies and rewrote the entire backend using TypeScript.

The JavaScript code was improved and simplified using React and Next.js so that the site would run smoothly on Vercel. Sitecore Search was also integrated to further enhance the user experience on the website.

While migrating the multiple content assets, the Oshyn team showcased its attention to detail by modifying some custom code and ensuring it was viable for the new website. Oshyn also resized and optimized images and adapted formats so the site functioned even better in XM Cloud. The team ensured that content migration was automated, allowing CTAMB team members to continue using the CMS until it was time to redirect to the new website.

CTAMB website

The Outcome

Oshyn successfully implemented a fully composable DXP solution for CTAMB using agile development practices and maintaining the website requirements. Oshyn was able to leverage parts of the existing site (HTML and CSS, content and components) into the new composable DXP to make transition swift and low risk.

“Oshyn’s knowledge and expertise were key for us staying with Sitecore, and we’re happy with the results. Our performance scores have gone up 40%, our website is so much faster, and the experience on the backend is smooth, “ CTAMB's IT Lead remarked.

The quick turnaround resulted in a successful project and an ecstatic client. Now CTAMB is enjoying the results of the upgrade, including:

  • Automatic deployments which save developers time

  • Frontend and backend developers can set up environments in minutes instead of hours

  • Initial HTML Response time improved by 67%

  • PageSpeed Insights scores for mobile and desktop improved by 40% and 45% respectively

  • Google Lighthouse Scores improved by 40%

Graph of CTAMB performance improvment
Home Page HTML Response Time Pre-Launch and Post Launch

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