A Composable Approach to an Enhanced Web Presence with Sitecore XM Cloud

Laptop with Point B website on screen

Trusted by the world's leading organizations, Point B is a consulting firm that specializes in business transformation and technology services. They are committed to making an impact for their customers and leveraging technology to unlock human potential.

Laptop with Point B website on screen
  • Technologies
  • Sitecore XM Cloud
  • Sitecore CDP
  • Sitecore Personalize
  • Sitecore Search
  • Next.js / Vercel
  • OneTrust
  • Pardot Forms

The Challenge

Point B wanted to redesign and re-platform its website to ensure the experience reflected its sophistication as an organization. Previously, they had been on an outdated, custom-built platform that limited the marketing team’s ability to update content and functionality.

The dated design, slow loading speeds, and lack of mobile optimization meant buyer expectations weren’t being met, and the website couldn’t be used as an effective demand-generation engine.

A new website would be the remedy Point B needed to better reflect its brand strategy and make a strong impression in comparison to its competitors. The objective was to create a digital experience to elevate the brand, build trust with buyers and prospective candidates, and serve as a lead generation engine.

Point B had been working with XO Agency, a branding and digital services agency, on brand strategy and other marketing initiatives. XO recommended Oshyn based on their Sitecore expertise to perform the implementation of Point B’s website and digital experience platform. This included a content migration to Sitecore XM Cloud and building a composable solution that included Sitecore Personalize, Sitecore CDP, and Sitecore Search.

The Solution

During the design phase, Oshyn provided design support to XO Agency to ensure that the proposed information architecture and designs could be implemented in XM Cloud successfully and efficiently.

Based on the final designs, Oshyn designed the technical architecture and migrated Point B’s site from the previous open-source PHP CMS to Sitecore XM Cloud. Oshyn used Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) to accelerate the development process and performed the content migration in parallel with the new site launch.

“We conducted a technical and business analysis to identify what would allow us to provide the complex features Point B needed and implement frontend components without impacting performance,” said Gustavo Villacrés, Technical Project Manager at Oshyn.

Oshyn built the new Point B website using a headless approach in Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and Vercel, which would offer more scalability and omnichannel content delivery. The new website has 12+ page templates and 40+ Sitecore components and variations, including a multi-content carousel and several interactive sections.

The development team also implemented the other components of the composable solution including Sitecore Search, which would support scalable and multi-purpose search experiences on the website. Sitecore CDP was implemented to handle customer profile tracking and analytics, and Sitecore Personalize to manage personalized experiences. Also, OneTrust was integrated to facilitate cookie consent management, while Salesforce’s Pardot Forms sent leads to the CRM.

Point B website

The Outcome

Oshyn provided a smooth content migration process and implemented a fully composable DXP solution that included multiple components. Using agile development methodologies, the project was completed in under four months, leaving the client very happy. The first version of the website has been met with rave reviews across Point B’s employee and customer base. Early signs of success are already coming through, including longer time on site and an increased number of pages per visit.

Oshyn also provided post-launch support, which included continuous development, prioritizing and building new features for the new website, and facilitating other integrations for the composable stack. This will help the marketing team implement a customer data platform, implicit and explicit personalization, and content localization in the future.

“Being on a best-in-class platform created by a best-in-class development firm has helped us show up authentically. Now, we have overall better flexibility and the ability to make changes as the business changes, better lead capture/demand gen, and the ability to capture better customer data,” Amber Young, Director of Content Marketing at Point B, remarked.

“We were most impressed with Oshyn’s customer experience and willingness to ensure a quality product at launch,” said Michelle Auchter, CMO at Point B. "It was a tight timeframe and yet the skillfulness of the Oshyn team allowed us to meet our deadline and launch a successful product. Over the course of the project the team earned our trust and helped us feel supported, even in stressful moments,” she added.

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