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Sitecore Upgrade

Upgrade for Sitecore

Better customer experience, more marketing power.

Upgrading to the latest version of Sitecore helps you stay ahead of the competition. You're able to keep your site fresh and your marketing more effective.

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Use Sitecore to its full potential

Sitecore is an investment. And it comes with powerful features to create unmatched customer experiences. We make sure your site is built to get the most out of your investment, right from the start.

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Auto personalization

Leveraging Sitecore Cortex ML, auto personalization makes your digital marketing easier—and more effective.

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Harness the cloud

The latest Sitecore architecture makes true use of PaaS cloud features and makes your site more dependable and scalable.


Sitecore Cloud Architectures
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Integrate with Salesforce

Salesforce integration enables further personalization of content and provides marketing automation across more touchpoints.

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Why Oshyn

We've performed countless Sitecore upgrades over the years. And we take pride in doing it right.

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Certified upgrade

We certify the upgrade process by building automated tests that test your entire site before and after the upgrade.


How to Upgrade to Sitecore 9: Oshyn's Process
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Rearrange the furniture

Upgrading a messy or broken site can be problematic. But we help you fix problems and can make architectural refinements during the upgrade.

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Flexible pricing

We work with you to upgrade your site without breaking the bank.

Upgrade to Sitecore 10


Sitecore 10 offers brands faster time-to-market features and more flexibility for development and deployment than ever before.

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Improved Editing Experience

Enhancements to the Horizon editing interface streamlines the editing process while supporting larger multisite and multilingual instances, device-specific previews, and real-time analytics.

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Audience Filtering

Enhanced analytics and reporting with filtering of customer interaction data for more insight into audience engagement. Drive more powerful personalization across all channels.

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ASP.Net Core Headless

Faster and more flexible headless development increases productivity when improving your site.

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Sitecore Containers

Increased developer and onboarding efficiency with full public support for containers.

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Customizable EXM Templates

More options for creating targeted emails for nurture or trigger campaigns.

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Content Hub Integration

Control and optimize content production and personalization with a seamless integration between Sitecore XP and Sitecore Content Hub.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

Send visitor data to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in real time and immediately perform marketing automation.

Upgrade & get the benefits of Sitecore 9

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Sitecore Forms

The new Forms module has been completely redesigned to be easier to use.

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Provide Sitecore with the access to content from external applications. Deploy experiences without back-end or .NET expertise.

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Marketing Automation

Improved marketing tools that strengthen the customer relationship by making it easier to create tailored campaigns that drive personalized content.

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Sitecore Horizon

A new, modern editing environment providing everything you need to build great experiences.

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Sitecore JSS & SXA Enhancements

JSS applications can now be managed in SXA site manager, providing for consistent management of all sites and applications.

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Sitecore Content Hub Integration

Manage every facet of your marketing content, for every channel, with one solution. Includes Sitecore DAM, Sitecore MRM, Sitecore CMP, and Sitecore PCM.

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Sitecore Identity

Federated authentication service that enables Single Sign-On across the Sitecore platform.

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Universal Tracker

New REST API-based capabilities to track beyond web: collect data from: call-centers, in-store visits, IoT devices, etc.

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More Database Choices

Support for both SQL Server and MongoDB provided for the Collection databases.

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Experience Optimization Dashboard

A single, consolidated place to view personalization efficiency. Track all personalizations done on the site.

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Data Purging API

Manage data cleansing to lower costs and comply with data privacy regulations. 

Oshyn offers a full suite of Sitecore services.