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Sitecore Releases New Email Campaign Manager

Oct 21, 2010
Oshyn Labs
Oshyn Labs

Well here’s some exciting news! Today Sitecore released a new product: Email Campaign Manager. I’ll be doing a demo next week, so I will write another post then to share as much as I can. In the meantime I can just give you an overview. If you want more info in the meantime, Irina Guseva has the ticket!

Sitecore’s EMC is designed much along the same premises as the Sitecore Online Marketing Suite (OMS)…you know the one I recently dubbed “Online Marketing Saviour”? Anyone with email marketing experience knows there exists a giant “black hole”.  It’s challenging enough to know what your open rates actually are when most systems only count “opens” when images are opened. Most email programs these days don’t automatically load images and require the email reader to click on a button to OK the download of images. So there’s a tendency to compare campaign to see if your latest was more successful. Sitecore’s Email Campaign Manager is designed to give you more information about what happens after your email is opened – how prospects navigate from your website “facilitating progressive profiling and targeted content”. I’m anxious to learn more because as a B2B marketer I know that decisions often take time and when people make the move to engage us….they’ve often already made many visits and downloads. But to be able to tie together what is sent out in email and precisely how it affects traffic…that’s the new email marketing golden nugget.

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