How Sitecore AI is Transforming Modern Marketing

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The promise of personalization is very compelling for marketers, but for it to be truly relevant for end-users, it often requires a significant amount of time and effort to set up properly. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. However, AI alone can’t do everything. Marketers need to develop a strategy to make sure they’re making the most of it.

Enter Sitecore AI, a platform that can help marketers deliver individualized, contextual experiences that guide visitors along their journey with actionable and useful content.

AI can analyze a customer’s behavior to understand their interests and intent, enabling marketers to learn about where each person is in their journey. In this ebook, we’ll show you:

  • Why modern marketers need more speed

  • 5 things slowing marketers down

  • How AI is already helping marketers

  • An introduction to Sitecore AI