Sitecore Headless: What's New


As enterprises seek to enable greater possibilities, the platforms and technologies they use must be flexible and robust enough to meet the challenges they face. Sitecore — one of the leading enterprise digital experience platforms (DXPs) — is evolving from its all-in-one structure towards a MACH architecture that champions headless services.

Building on a headless CMS enables businesses to deliver content to multiple frontend applications. That way, they can create, store, and edit content separately. Sitecore offers a set of services, SDKs, and APIs that enable enterprises to create decoupled applications that leverage Sitecore content.

This article explains what Sitecore headless is, and how you can make the most of it.

Sitecore Headless: How Is It Different from Sitecore JSS?

Sitecore Headless Services is a rebranding of Sitecore JSS to support and reflect the current market trends. Whatever its name, it enables Sitecore as a headless CMS while retaining control over both content and layout management.

Using Sitecore enables developers to build frontend-agnostic applications, which truly separates the content and presentation layers. It stores content and components as reusable objects across multiple pages or channels. This way, any changes you make to your Sitecore website will instantly reflect across all channels and every page that contains the content.

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Why Should Enterprises Opt for Sitecore Headless?

Headless Functionality

For businesses that want to build visually pleasing custom apps and websites, a headless CMS is the way to go. This way, they can create, edit, and deliver content to both channels at once. Sitecore headless makes it possible to develop, optimize, and personalize digital experiences across multiple channels, including social media, emails, and audio content on personal assistants.


Personalization is increasingly crucial to any enterprise that aims to deliver the best digital experience. In fact, the 2021 State of Personalization report indicates that 60% of consumers will buy from a retailer again after getting a personalized shopping experience. With Sitecore headless services, you can deliver personalized content experiences through a REST API.

Moreover, Sitecore contains complete analytics data on all requested content, making it easier and more effective to facilitate personalized experiences.

Flexibility and Consistency

Without a headless CMS, businesses cannot have the agility and speed to push and edit the content on all channels. For content changes, in a bid to facilitate a consistent experience, you’ll have to make the edits across all the pages and channels where it’s stored. On top of that, you may have to deal with a ton of redundant content along with limited growth potential.

Having a headless CMS enables you to deliver seamless and consistent content to all web interfaces. And that’s what Sitecore headless provides. It gives you the agility to adapt to any modern interface.

Marketer-Developer Independence

Sitecore headless gives marketers and developers the autonomy to build and manage digital experiences across their respective strongpoints, with no limitations. Developers can build dynamic frontend interfaces while marketers can create personalized content experiences that resonate with customers.

Better Performance and Customer Engagement

The goal of any marketing initiative is for businesses to realize greater acquisitions, engagement, and retention. While an enterprise using a traditional CMS may find this challenging, a headless CMS can offer a consistent, personalized web experience, regardless of the platform.

Because of this, Sitecore headless helps to ensure higher customer engagements and revenue.

Oshyn: Getting Started With Sitecore Headless

The best architecture for any enterprise combines the scalability and agility of a headless CMS with the content analytics, personalization engine, and several other components that come with a traditional CMS. That’s precisely why Sitecore is the ideal platform for modern-day enterprises to build engaging and personalized digital experiences.

Oshyn is a trusted Sitecore partner with expertise working with many brands and enterprises to implement scalable and optimized web experiences. With Oshyn, you can build engaging and consistent Sitecore headless solutions that’ll help your business perform to its best potential.

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