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Optimizely A/B Testing and Personalization

Mar 14, 2022

Marketers today find themselves in a uniquely challenging position. In one sense, they have to curate marketing campaigns and strategies that appeal to their wide – and very diverse – target audience. And on the other, they have to deliver results while understanding that prospects have different perspectives, which will require tweaking and improving their marketing strategies.

That’s where A/B testing and personalization come into play. According to the 2021 State of Personalization report by Segment, 60% of consumers say they are more likely to shop again with a retailer after a personalized experience, an increase from 44% in 2017. A/B testing enables you to optimize the design of your website and measure its effectiveness, allowing you to fine-tune your optimization strategy.

Optimizely enables you to conduct A/B tests for personalization campaigns and create tailored experiences for your audience. This article guides you through Optimizely’s personalization and A/B testing capabilities.

The Importance of Personalize d Experiences

Enterprises that aim to create better brand loyalty and engagements should start making every customer feel valued and connected. To accomplish this, you can collect and analyze data based on customer intent, buying patterns, and demographics.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of personalized experiences:

  • Create engaging experiences: When you engage your customers with content that directly addresses their needs, they are likely to engage with your campaigns. If you know, based on browsing history, that a customer is hunting for men’s clothing, they’re more likely to interact when you suggest men’s clothing guides or products, versus children’s clothing, for instance.
  • Increase sales: McKinsey research found that personalization-focused enterprises generate 40% more revenue than the average company. This is indicative of how personalization impacts sales in modern businesses. Marketers can identify and understand customers better by personalizing content and presenting it to them in touchpoints they prefer.
  • Better customer retention:Customers want to associate with brands that “get them”. That’s why 72% of consumers say they only act on personalized messaging, and 90% consent to share their behavioral data for a smoother and more convenient brand experience, according to SmarterHQ.

How Optimizely Delivers on Personalization and A/B Testing

What are the features that Optimizely uses to optimize and personalize digital experiences? Let’s take a closer look:


Optimizely offers real-time insights through artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). Enterprises can rely on this feature to enable interest-based targeting and deliver relevant content to customers. Plus, these businesses can leverage experimentation functionalities more effectively to create targeted experiences.

Data is gathered on visitor behavior when users add key pages, events, and tags to their site. Those behaviors, along with information from other sources, help to shape the audience experience. It all starts with defining the type of audience being targeted and the pages where the customized messages will appear. Then, campaigns can be designed that allow businesses to serve individual audiences with personalized experiences. In addition, the effectiveness of any campaign can also be measured through analytics features provided by Optimizely.

Web Experimentation

With this Optimizely product, enterprises can deliver effective A/B and multipage tests. They can combine these tests to enable better personalized content recommendations for users. But it doesn’t end there as A/B testing helps enterprises gather data and make informed decisions.

For instance, a B2B brand may wish to increase the quality and volume of sales leads it receives from its landing pages. By experimenting with each change, enterprises can determine whether it affects visitor behavior. In time, they can refine and combine these effects to deliver relevant, engaging experiences.

How Optimizely’s Personalization Features Benefit Enterprises

Optimizely is a digital experience platform with several uses for enterprises. It enables high scalability and flexibility. But what business benefits does Optimizely offer to marketers and enterprises?

  • Proven A/B Testing and Personalization Platform: By leveraging Optimizely, enterprises can build optimized digital experiences using real-time data insights and behavioral analytics gleaned by running quick tests and then using the findings to create personalization rules.
  • Customer Centricity: One of the best ways to improve brand loyalty and customer support is to use the insights gathered from real customer data to make decisions on the best way to build and/or personalize your experiences.
  • Drives revenue growth: Every business wants to improve its bottom line. One surefire way to do that is to have happy customers that love and promote your brand. Optimizely helps you create engaging digital experiences, conduct web experiments, and personalize visitor experiences. The result of all this is better brand awareness, growth, and ROI.
  • Faster time to market with real-time changes/updates: With Optimizely, enterprises can quickly test out new ideas and gather real-time insights that go into refining their web experiences.
  • Marketer-friendly:Optimizely A/B testing and personalization are marketer-friendly features that require little to no developer involvement. On top of that, it offers a flexible platform for them to integrate third-party solutions to extend the capabilities of their digital experiences. For instance, Optimizely enables enterprises to integrate their existing AI-based personalization tools with A/B testing.

Deliver Greater Optimization and Personalization With Optimizely

Personalization is an effective way of showing your users that you value their preferences and opinions. By leveraging personalization and A/B testing solutions, you can refine and deliver options and content that your customers connect with. Optimizely personalization and A/B testing is one way to do it.

However, it’s crucial to respect customers’ personal space and not invade their privacy. For maximum impact, you should create precisely curated messaging, content, and offers, while avoiding being too intrusive.

Oshyn is a certified Optimizely implementation partner that has worked with several brands across the globe to create immersive, personalized digital experiences and experimentations. It was one of the reasons why TCDRS sought us out to drive better engagements and experiences by migrating their website to Optimizely. The result was a 42.7% drop in bounce rate within 7 days of deployment.

If you’re considering using Optimizely to improve your personalization and A/B testing efforts then see how Oshyn can help.

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