Benefits of Sitecore 10 for Marketers


The role of a marketer today isn’t just to launch an eye-catching campaign. Brands are looking to their marketing teams to go a step further and craft compelling digital experiences that delight customers. However, to get those experiences right, marketers need the right tools to create such experiences. One tool that helps is the content management system (CMS).

The CMS is a mission-critical piece when it comes to building the right Martech stack, and a modern digital experience platform like Sitecore checks the boxes for marketers that need to manage content efficiently and boost their omnichannel reach.

Sitecore is a DXP that places content, personalization and commerce in context. With the latest version, Sitecore 10, marketers can embrace a whole host of features that help move the needle in the right direction. Here are some benefits of Sitecore 10 for marketers.

Aligned Customer Experiences

Marketers and IT departments need help to break down silos that kept them separated for so long and align their CX strategies. The exciting digital experiences that customers demand today require more than just the marketing teams creative efforts. Experiences require input from several departments and the help of IT to ensure proper delivery across all channels.

Maintaining focus and operating efficiently internally when it comes to creating customer experiences ensures that brands can keep the promises they make to their customers and make their interactions valuable every time.

Sitecore 10 makes it possible for marketers and IT to collaborate on their efforts to manage, deliver and optimize experiences. This allows experiences to be more personalized and fluid across the entire customer journey. A CX strategy can take several different forms. Still, with a powerful DXP platform at their fingertips and coordinated workflows, marketers can reap huge benefits that can help them deliver more value to their customers.

Enhanced DAM with Sitecore AI

Sitecore launched Sitecore AI to help marketers build better personalized experiences. This solution helps to identify visitor trends and improve customer segmentation, but the benefits extend beyond that to also aid in digital asset management (DAM).

Marketers rely on access to thousands of different content pieces, including images, GIFs, and videos when creating campaigns. Over time, managing this much content can be problematic; hence larger brands typically leverage an external DAM to help in the process.

When it comes time to locate images for new campaigns, it can mean there is a large volume of data to sift through. Sitecore AI makes finding images for campaigns easy and even offers video support that includes automated tagging.

Also, marketers are often looking for new ways to reuse and repurpose their existing content, rather than have to create new content from scratch that customers don’t enjoy.

As a modern DXP, Sitecore makes it possible to connect all the pieces of a martech stack. It also has features such as Image Similarity, which uses machine learning to provide content options to marketers, but allows them to have the final say as to which piece of content would fit best.

Real-time Personalization and Segmentation with Sitecore XP

Sitecore 10 is a personalization powerhouse. In today’s environment, personalization ranks as one of the most critical factors for both brands and customers. According to Accenture, 91% of customers prefer to shop with brands that offer personalization. This has led to 89% of brands investing heavily in personalization.

However, it takes a lot of data and proper segmentation to get personalization done right. Sitecore provides enhanced audience segmentation thanks to its analytics and the deeper insights that can be drawn from consumer interactions. Marketers can see what’s currently working or not working when it comes to personalized content and make adjustments as necessary.

With the Sitecore Experience Database, marketers have a 360° view of the customer so that decisions aren’t being made based on a handful of interactions in one area. Data gets pulled from all channels allowing marketers to avoid data silos and build omnichannel experiences.

Furthermore, Sitecore makes it possible to see not only how valuable a customer visit to a website is, but also how they navigate through content. This makes it easier for marketers to make adjustments and highlight the parts of their content that customers hone in on the most.

Not only is it possible to see customers end-to-end, but the data gathered can then be used to generate a complete customer profile and learn from them over time as they interact with the brand throughout their customer journey.

A Centralized Content Hub

Creating content for multiple channels can be challenging, but Sitecore’s centralized content hub can improve the quality, speed and scale of content production. The Content Hub provides one home for all of a brand’s content needs. This makes it easier to manage and execute on a content strategy while producing increased content visibility and better content governance.

Marketers can quickly identify content gaps and produce content to meet those requirements while checking on the status of content publication. Keeping track of timelines, KPIs, and other metrics can help marketers to make improved decisions quickly and improve overall content performance.

The hybrid headless CMS capabilities of Sitecore make it possible to distribute content to any desired channel. In an omnichannel environment, content management is no longer limited to a website or mobile device but can power kiosks, digital signage, emerging channels like IoT, VR, AR, and more.

The Content Hub gives marketers more control over all content assets whether they’re attached to a website, eCommerce platform or the templates for printed assets.

Nurtured Relationships with Sitecore Marketing Automation

Sitecore XP makes it easy to execute campaigns with automated content. Communication and conversation help to improve the relationships with customers by providing them with quick access to the answers they’re looking for. Marketing automation allows brands to create conversation and streamline interactions and responses to customers across all channels.

With Sitecore 10, marketers can leverage closer relationships with their customers by analyzing their behavior and implementing triggers that provide personalized, targeted and relevant information.

Building and nurturing relationships help to convert casual visitors into eager customers. With marketing automation, brands can create a more vibrant customer profile and increase the continuity of the relationship, boosting the lifetime value of the customer.

Sitecore 10: A Comprehensive Marketing Platform

Sitecore is a comprehensive marketing platform with an easy-to-use interface built to manage every aspect of the modern digital marketing landscape. It has everything marketing teams need for the present and the future to deliver compelling digital experiences.

Getting started with Sitecore or upgrading to the latest version of Sitecore is one way for brands to compete in today’s digital environment. However, implementing Sitecore alone can be challenging.

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