Improving a Fractured CX by Combining Sites into a Single Sitecore Platform

Saint Jude site on computer and mobile

The Ask

The Saint Jude web properties were showing their age lines. This caused confusing user experiences and harmed the branding and brand perception. St. Jude Medical wanted cohesive branding and new functionality for a richer and more connected experience.

Saint Jude website on tablet

The Experience

Oshyn built a framework to support consolidation of all of St. Jude’s many different websites across all devices for a single, cohesive experience. The project was a success, and SJM was later acquired by Abbott Laboratories in January 2017.

The How

Dealing with the challenge of implementing multisite functionality with multiple language capabilities and robust personalization and workflow, Oshyn built the SJM platform into Sitecore for ease-of-use and powerful personalization and integration. Some of the new functionality built in includes full modularity and responsiveness, global account management, geo-detection for personalization and site redirection, translation capabilities, custom form building, etc.

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