Selecting Digital Marketing Technology: SaaS Tools vs CMS Tools for Web Optimization

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Selecting Digital Marketing Technology ebook cover

In the continuously evolving world of digital marketing, websites must live as dynamic entities able to quickly respond to the changing needs and desires of their visitors in order to be competitive. Digital marketing managers must guide the directions their sites take through a rigorously scientific method of collecting data, experimenting based on the data, measuring results, and then responding accordingly. This method of systematically improving the conversion rate of one's website through testing different variations in content, audiences targets, and personalization rules is called website optimization.

Companies that employ the correct digital marketing technology - tools that are both powerful but also in line with business needs and IT requirements - will always have the edge in the web optimization process. In this white paper, Oshyn discusses the various types of web optimization tools, their similarities and differences, pros and cons, and how to select the right one for your company. Still have questions after you finish reading? Feel free to contact us.