Drupal and Social Media


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In this free white paper, “Drupal and Social Media”, you will learn about the extensive Social Media features available in Drupal to create a dynamic and engaging Social Media Optimized website. Authored by one of Oshyn’s Drupal Developers, Eric Aguayo, this free white paper draws from Oshyn’s extensive experience in Drupal Content Management System development and integration.

Specifically this Drupal Open Source CMS white paper explores:

  • User Oriented Websites with Dynamic Content
  • Drupal Core and Community Modules
  • Social Media & Drupal as a CMF
  • Pluggable Themes and Template Layout Flexibility
  • Content Publishing and RSS Feeds
  • Blogs
  • User Comments
  • Forums and Wikis
  • Ratings
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Organic Groups
  • User Relationships
  • Flagging Favorite Content
  • Messages and Notifications Integration
  • Invite a Friend and Share Content
  • Social Networks Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization