Why Agencies Need Sitecore


Recently the CEO of an advertising holding company underscored the importance of partnering with Sitecore. Why?

The short answer: he knows agencies can win more business if they have Sitecore resources. After all, this holding company has acquired agencies predominantly for this purpose (in my opinion). I know, because I was at one! But what this CEO doesn’t talk about is the challenges of managing different project timelines and requirements while building Sitecore technical expertise and building up the expertise of business users in Sitecore.

Client Tech Can Hinder Agency Success

Question: Have you ever had a client excitedly talking about how they want to tackle a big customer experience problem, and while listening to them you couldn’t help worrying about how you were going to help them when you knew their existing tech was going to hold you back like a racehorse who’s gate failed to open?

While ‘technology for technology’s sake’ is a failure waiting to happen — it’s essential to make sure you have the tools to operate in real-time, be able to connect touchpoints, personalize the experience, and analyze the results. But even if that’s in place, is it integrated?

And even if it is integrated, is it operable? Beyond the launch of this amazingly powerful marketing technology, can brands actually use the technology? Or do they end up with an expensive platform, a steep learning curve, and a deficit of skills to drive it?

Brands Need Agencies to Help Deploy Martech

Brands need agencies to help them deploy increasingly complex marketing to achieve their customer experience goals. And having the right tech plays a pivotal role.

The shifting agency models are creating more opportunities for those that can position their services and operating models to help clients deliver customer experiences that deliver martech ROI faster. But that’s another blog post.

So Why Sitecore?

Does your client want a 365 degree view of their customer? Most do.

“Experience” is the key to building relationships and revenue while providing resistance to competitors, disruptors, and new-entrants. A great experience gives consumers little incentive to try an alternative. And for most medium to large-sized organizations, Sitecore is the best solution for content management and delivering great customer experience.

Not only is Sitecore designed to deliver ‘experience’, its architecture gives the platform longevity and the ability to adapt to changing consumer demands and requirements. Sitecore is an ally to marketing technology roadmaps, marketing stacks, and end users. Sitecore is an agency ally.

If your client wants to deliver relevant and connected digital experiences at every interaction, Sitecore is the leading solution.

The more you learn about Sitecore, the more you’ll come to realize that it empowers agencies and brand marketing teams to deliver the extraordinary; it opens up the world to endless CX possibilities.

Forrester says there are no true leaders of Customer Experience in the US.

Apple? That’s the first name that comes to mind right? Well, whatever the case is, the market is anxious for better experiences.

Brands are challenged because great experience is complex to create. They need the right mix of technology, the right data, the right content, the right integrations — and it all needs to be orchestrated to operate efficiently.

Are you in it to win it?

My question is simple: Can your agency win more business if you could help your clients be more successful with one of the best customer experience platforms in the world?

Well, I believe you can. Why? Because Oshyn has worked with many agencies and we’ve seen how Sitecore can transform and grow agency business. At the same time, we have seen the tremendous growth of Sitecore to become one of the best content management and customer experience platforms.

We have seen that, more often than not, the success of a digital platform hinges on a combination of teams of specialized experts working together. And while some large agencies benefit from the acquisitions of agencies with Sitecore developers, it also makes agencies without tech skills or partners more vulnerable.

That is why we have made it our specialization to be the best Sitecore development firm working directly with agencies to deliver Sitecore to their clients. We help agencies of all sizes win more work by offering their clients their expertise along with our Sitecore Superpowers. We don’t compete with our agency partners. We are a true partner.

How can the addition of Sitecore skills help you win more business? If you’re interested in learning more book a time at oshyn.com/meet.