What is Sitecore Send?


Sitecore Send is a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native marketing platform that enables marketers to drive contextual and personalized interactions by leveraging customer data. It simplifies email creation and distribution and enables marketers to deliver omnichannel customer engagement without needing to write any code.

Sitecore has been moving towards a new SaaS-based platform to replace its flagship, integrated one-stop-shop suite of solutions. As part of the effort to expand their best-of-breed, composable offerings, they added Moosend to their growing list of recent acquisitions, and Moosend is now Sitecore Send.

Even though personalization is a crucial part of any customer experience journey, 67% of marketing leaders in a Mckinsey survey say their biggest challenge with personalization is gathering, integrating, and synthesizing customer data. With Moosend, Sitecore provides a marketing automation solution that offers greater personalization and customer engagement with AI-powered analytics and reporting.

Sitecore Send represents a shift towards delivering personalized experiences for modern enterprises by leveraging visitor data to provide:

  • Email marketing using list segmentation and personalization
  • Campaign reporting and analytics
  • Simple marketing automation workflows
  • Landing pages, targeted emails, and forms

This article introduces Sitecore Send, its core features, the problems it solves, and how you can deliver better experiences with it.

What Problems Does Sitecore’s Email Marketing Service Solve?

With Sitecore Send, enterprises can proffer solutions to several underlying issues that plague marketing teams and make it difficult for them to develop successful marketing campaigns.

  • Vendor-lock: Many enterprises are moving away from the monolithic, one-size-fits-all systems. This kind of system keeps them locked to a single vendor, limiting flexibility, scalability, and growth. One of the benefits of Sitecore Send is its usage as a standalone API-first, composable solution, all without locking yourself into other Sitecore products. That way, enterprises can spend less and enable greater agility with an independent solution rather than the integrated suite of products.
  • Concerns with disparate data: Data protection and privacy remain vital concerns for every enterprise. Customer data is spread across several channels and interfaces. With Sitecore Send, you can continually capture visitor and email interactions in a central database to build in-context engagements and optimize customer interactions.
  • Developer-Marketer Alignment: Most marketers face the daunting challenge of interfacing with developers while creating marketing solutions. With Sitecore Send, marketers can use pre-built templates and drag-and-drop functionalities to easily create, personalize, and ensure consistency on all email interactions.
  • Slow customer journeys: How often do you lose a potential customer to a slow sales funnel process? One-fourth of visitors on a website will leave if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. This is almost the same with all customer experiences. With Sitecore Send, you can facilitate faster email creation and delivery during the customer journey.
  • Disconnected digital experiences: Most businesses want to deliver content across multiple channels, especially with newer innovative frontend interfaces on offer. By leveraging Sitecore Send, enterprises can personalize customer interactions across omnichannel experiences through visitor data.

Why Are Enterprises Adopting Sitecore Send?

Seamless Integration With Your DXP

Sitecore Send is an independent API-first, microservice platform that you can easily integrate into your existing DXP. Since it’s SaaS-based, marketers can use it to power customer engagements and interactions, create personalized emails and lists, capture and aggregate visitor data, and drive omnichannel deliveries.

Regardless of the digital experience platform you are currently using (Sitecore or not), Sitecore Send is another Sitecore foray into delivering composable, MACH-enabled architecture and products.

Omnichannel Digital Experiences

There are many ways to interact with customers today through different technologies such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and IoT-enabled devices. These interactions can be through various channels such as websites, apps, emails, and messaging services.

Sitecore Send gives marketers a comprehensive picture of customer journeys across all channels, enabling them to analyze real-time responses and send contextual messages at the right time using the customer’s preferred medium.

Holistic Customer Database

Sitecore Send enables marketers to gather user-permissioned data as part of their contextual marketing efforts. It helps businesses capture email interaction data so as to tailor interactions according to customer needs and preferences.

Intuitive UI for Personalized Communications

Sitecore Send lets marketers customize brand communications on-the-go with its attractive pre-built templates. By leveraging its simple interface, content templates, and drag-and-drop functionality, brands can easily create consistently engaging digital communications.

Email List Building

Another advantage to using Sitecore Send is that you can build email lists and manage them by generating embedded forms. Furthermore, you can import or export email recipients and segment them to create better-targeted campaigns.

Campaign Management

With Sitecore Send, you can create consistent, repeatable marketing campaigns (newsletters) for your recipients. These campaigns can include email newsletters, sales confirmation, service updates, and more.


One benefit that most enterprises look for when delivering campaigns is that they can generate reports to analyze and better understand customer engagements and interactions. Sitecore Send provides default and custom reports on the performance of your campaigns.

Reports can help enterprises enhance their marketing campaigns and increase newsletter effectiveness towards achieving their marketing goals. With Sitecore Send’s report, you can get data on email recipients such as opened and unopened emails, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounce rate. 

Workflow Automation

By simplifying and automating marketing operations, enterprises can open the door to better experiences, drive ecommerce growth, and facilitate better engagements. You can automate your marketing communications with Sitecore Send. It allows marketers to plan and automate the entire communication lifecycle, which results in a shorter time to market.

Marketers can select from several predefined activity types to meet their basic needs and scenarios or set triggers for specific actions to notify, inform, and encourage customers. For instance, if a customer checks out a product or signs up for an offer, these automated triggers will take action.

How Oshyn Delivers Better Marketing Campaigns With Sitecore Send

As Sitecore continues its drive towards delivering the best digital experiences, enterprises can look forward to innovative products and services that will help them better meet their marketing objectives. Sitecore Send is a cloud-native automation tool that helps marketers drive engagement and improve marketing capabilities throughout a customer journey.

The greatest benefit of Sitecore Send is that enterprises can integrate it with their existing marketing technology stack and digital experience platform. As a result, enterprises benefit from a solution that meets modern demands and enables greater marketing agility, scalability, and retention.

Oshyn is a certified Sitecore Partner that offers global brands the tools and expertise to enhance their marketing efforts. With Oshyn, you can tap into extensive Sitecore experience and solutions to help your marketing teams deliver the best campaigns. One of these solutions is Sitecore Send.

If you want to learn more about Oshyn’s Sitecore expertise, find out more on Sitecore Development and Integration.