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Agency Clients Win on Sitecore with Stylelabs DAM

Jan 09, 2019
Kimberly McCabe
Kimberly McCabe

One of my first grumbles when I started my digital marketing career was dealing with the labyrinth of digital assets. The ‘library’ of images, the search for images, the time spent trying to create images in the right sizes or formats. The content saved here, there and everywhere, scattered across various servers and colleagues’ computers. So much content to store and track. And resize and repurpose. And then, along came personalization!

The volume of content increased, seemingly exponentially. Managing assets became more time-consuming. Then, when you added even more layers of complexity with quality control, workflows and licensing, bottlenecks began suffocating those trying to live the ‘real-time marketing’ dream. And these complexities weren’t the only time drains — so was the actual process of inserting approved content into your website or digital experience platform.

A good digital asset management (DAM) platform is the solution that tames all those myriad assets. And, as part of Sitecore’s vision to unify the management of marketing assets, Sitecore has  just released a Sitecore Plugin enabling you and your clients to incorporate assets from Stylelabs DAM directly into Sitecore content and digital experiences.

This is fantastic news for agencies with clients on Sitecore and for those agencies looking to expand their client’s digital capabilities by getting them on Sitecore! As Sitecore rolls out integration with Stylelabs, you and your clients will have access to a phenomenal tool providing the ability to manage the entire content lifecycle in one platform.

Your clients are going to love this!

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