Create Irresistible Content to Keep Your Visitors Coming Back

You’ve taken the time to select the perfect CMS for your brand. It has all the bells and whistles you were looking for, but something’s missing. That something is killer content that will keep site visitors on your site longer and returning for more. So, how do you create this irresistible content that keeps visitors coming back for more?

Start with a strategy

Sure, you can start dumping all the wonderful knowledge your organization has into blog posts and white papers, but if there’s no clear strategy behind the content, you’ll find that your site visitors will quickly lose interest and bounce. 

A great way to build a content strategy is start with your user personas and think about what types of content interests them. Are they digital marketers who want content that isn’t super tech-heavy and speaks to them on a personal level? Great, there’s your strategy for content for that persona. Make sure you have videos that show people, use the first person when creating blog posts, and keep away from technical jargon. Marketers are always looking for ways to make their jobs easier and more efficient, how-to and best practices posts will most likely do well with this group. 

Strategy doesn’t have to be super complex, but it needs to be there.

Make sure it adds value

This again goes back to your strategy (in fact, everything will go back to your strategy). Adding value is key to quality content that promotes you as a thought-leader within your industry. You’re the expert - share some of your knowledge with customers in informative posts, how-to videos, and visual guides. Things that may seem simple to you are usually complex for your customers and they’ll appreciate you sharing help information and tips with them. It also helps show your deep knowledge on the topic.

Keep it consistent

What keeps a visitor coming back for more, day after day? Consistency. This doesn’t mean you have to write about the same topic every day, but it should mean that people will know what to expect from you. If you’re a digital blog, keep your content to digital topics. This doesn’t mean you can’t compare your industry to a non-digital industry or talk about trending news, but if you start giving out advice on how to choose the best dye for your hair type, you’ll no longer be an expert in your field and will start to lose repeat visitors.

Making your content irresistible doesn’t mean making the flashiest content, it means making content that has a clear strategy, adds value to visitors and is consistent with your brand and expertise. Following this easy, three-part recipe will help you start creating content that keeps your customers coming back for more.