Episerver Apple Pay Add-On

Episerver - Apple Pay

As consumers in the US and all over the world become increasingly digital and more reliant on smart phones for carrying out core activities, it is important for B2C companies to decrease friction in the mobile purchasing process.

Apple Pay, available to half of all US smart phone users and offered by 35% of US retailers, is one such method of reducing friction by eliminating the need for a physical card at the point of purchase.

Oshyn has created an Apple Pay add-on for Episerver Commerce that provides all the necessary tools for developers to integrate Apple Pay payments into an Episerver Commerce site. It contains tools to start an Apple Pay payment session and validate the user’s payment authorization and also classes to encapsulate payment tokens, code to implement your custom Episerver Commerce Payment Gateway, and functionality to decrypt an Apple Pay token if needed.

It is important to note that this is not a ready-to-use solution; it requires Episerver Commerce development skills as well as some JavaScript knowledge to integrate the site with Apple Pay JS API.

Find the add-on on Optimizely Nuget.

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