Building and Implementing DevOps Infrastructure for a Global Consulting Firm

A group of consultants

A global consulting firm provides its customers with the support to overcome their biggest challenges and offers expert advice that helps them optimize performance.


Following a new website implementation, the consulting firm knew they needed to ensure that it was properly maintained to continue delivering a smooth and engaging customer experience.

The Challenge

After working with Oshyn on a previous project, a global consulting firm was rewarded with a new multilingual website that allowed them to adequately cater to their various customers. However, they had also run into another problem as they lacked the infrastructure to properly maintain the website on their own.

They needed to ensure that things ran smoothly with updates, security patches, dynamic capacity for traffic surges, and continuous monitoring. Once again, Oshyn stepped in to provide this much-needed support.

The Solution

Oshyn set about designing and building the required cloud architecture from the ground up using Microsoft Azure. Firewalls, networking, storage, compute, and other key infrastructures were implemented so that the consulting firm could monitor and respond to incidents and maintain performance and security.

Oshyn showcased its forward-thinking mindset by reviewing the website code early during the previous project and providing feedback about what was needed to improve code quality. As a result, updates were integrated through pull requests to control what entered into the main branch. The team also set up continuous integration and deployment pipelines to ensure consistent build and automated zero downtime deployments.

Load testing along with application optimization ensured earlier resolution of bottlenecks causing issues, and the site was hardened with appropriate adjustments made to caches and settings to provide faster load times along with a reduced attack surface. Azure Front Door CDN was used to deliver content to the edge at scale and Azure WAF to protect from unwanted threats.

Consultants reviewing websites

The Outcome

Oshyn successfully built the DevOps infrastructure and was awarded the role of maintaining the websites and delivering 24/7 DevOps support due to an already excellent rapport with the consulting firm. The team also provided monitoring alerts and dashboards on all the Azure resources to have a command center that would proactively monitor and find issues before they grew out of control.

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