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Keep your site running smoothly and safely with updates, security patches, dynamic capacity for traffic surges, and continuous monitoring.

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Maximum uptime

Sleep better at night knowing that your site is being closely monitored and actively updated to ensure that everything's working as it should be.

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Our SLA-based support provides you with a commitment that includes monitoring your site all day, every day.

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Active monitoring

Dozens of different alarms and statistics are collected continuously to identify problems before they come up.


Oshyn DevOps: Metrics & Alerts in a Production AWS Sitecore Solution
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Preventive maintenance

Keeping your system patched reduces the risk of security issues and keeps your system in top shape.

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Optimized cloud architecture

We apply best practices and fine-tune your architecture to save you money while increasing system performance.


Sitecore Cloud Architectures
Continuous Integration

Continuous integration

Deploy new features quickly while deploying safely and ensuring system stability in every release.


Test Automation Reports in CI/CD
Oshyn's Tools for DevOps
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Deploy with confidence

Rest assured that our automated tests, along with continuous integration, will make new feature deployments go smoothly.


Seven Principles of Testing

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A holistic view of your site's status

Our DevOps service includes reports providing you and your stakeholders with full visibility into your system's health, status, and performance over time.

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Real-time dashboard

View the continuously-updated health and status of your site at any time.


Oshyn DevOps Dashboards
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Historical stats

Having a record of key stats like uptime allows you to correlate events and changes to system performance.

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Alerts and notifications

Be alerted to any issues or outages the moment they happen.


Oshyn DevOps: Metrics & Alerts in a Production AWS Sitecore Solution

Oshyn offers a full suite of Sitecore services.