Upgrade for Sitecore

Sitecore upgrades made easy. Move to the latest version of Sitecore with minimal hassle and unlock the latest advanced features.

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Upgrade for Sitecore Includes:


Dedicated, Team

Upgrades are done by a team of Sitecore specialists who’ve done it before.

Post-Upgrade Validation

Automated testing is utilized to fully validate that the upgraded site functionality matches the old site.

Performance Evaluation

Performance improvements are objectively confirmed with before/after load testing.



For Agencies:

Fast and easy

Oshyn’s years of Sitecore experience makes upgrading less painful. Our team facilitates the process at every step.

More sophisticated marketing

Getting clients onto the latest version of Sitecore gives you the ability to take advantage of more advanced marketing features.

For Brands:

Access to advanced features

An upgrade provides the latest and greatest features that help maximize marketing effectiveness.

Full confidence in upgraded site

Automated testing ensures the upgraded site is fully functional and performance testing verifies improved performance.

Upgrade & Get the Benefits of Sitecore 9

Omnichannel Data Collection

The xConnect API framework can connect data from anything: websites, call centers, in-store visits, beacons, ioT devices, etc.

New Forms Module

The forms module has been completely redesigned to be easier to use.

More Database Choices

The forms module has been completely redesigned to be easier to use.


Provide Sitecore content access to external applications.

Marketing Automation

Improved marketing books that make it easier to create tailored campaings that drive personalized content and strengthen the customer relationship.

Omnichannel Data Collection

Use your enterprise autentication system to enable single sing-on your Sitecore-powered websites

Oshyn offers a full suite of Sitecore services.