Maintain for Sitecore

Effortlessly Provide Ongoing
Sitecore Site Maintenance to
Your Valued Clients

What is Maintain?

Maintain for Sitecore gives agencies a pre-packaged, white-labeled service providing their clients with ongoing site support, maintenance, and incremental development delivered by experienced technical & CMS experts.

The service includes proactive site health monitoring, QA testing, regular infrastructure & platform upgrades, and more.

Site owners can focus their internal resources on tasks more strategic to their core business, and eliminate the headaches of coordinating between multiple vendors (platform, hosting, database, etc).

Agency Benefits


Keep Clients Happy

Build deeper client relationships by providing them with expert support after their big site project is complete.

Stay Focused

Manage your resources efficiently, and focus your valuable development team on more strategic projects.

Gain Recurring Revenue

Gain incremental revenue without the headaches associated with managing an ongoing maintenance project.

We know Agencies

Oshyn was founded by former agency principals.

Try Maintain for 30 Days Risk Free

During the first 30 days of a new engagement, Oshyn completes a full site QA, audits the back-end infrastructure, and reviews the site's content.

At the end of month one Oshyn delivers:

  • A full list of bugs & issues.
  • An inventory of assets
  • Site Quality Rating
  • Recommendations for site improvements

Keep your site
running flawlessly.


with Maintain for Sitecore

Your Clients Receive Site Maintenance & Support Delivered by CMS Experts with Over 15 years of Experience

Client Benefits



Proactive patches and updates provide enhanced site security.


Consistent maintenance and fixes creates a smoother running website with fewer bugs.

Dedicated, Quick-Response Team

A team with intimate familiarity with a site's code enables fast problem solving and feature improvements with little ramp-up time.


A dedicated team of experts means there's no reason to build an expensive, full-time team in house.

The Latest Features

Proactive updates ensure access to the most current platform features.

Peace of Mind

Proactive monitoring and support provides one less to worry about.

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we can work together to
keep your clients happy.

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