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We Build Premium Mobile Apps for iOS and Android



Since the dawn of the app era began in 2009, Oshyn has been building the latest and greatest in iOS. Throughout every new development (Swift, versions up through iOS 11, Apple Watch, etc.), our team focuses on building apps that deliver on business goals, longevity and fluid user experiences. And while some app developers make seductive promises of fast and cheap apps, we're focused on building premium apps that consumers love, with technical longevity that integrates perfectly into your CMS.

So how does a team build a premium app, you ask? Well to start they become absolute code geeks. They know that staring in April 2018, all new apps submitted to the app store must use iOS 11 APIs or higher. They make sure apps are responsive and light to the user while complex updates and heavy computing is taking place in the background through their mastery of threading. They know when which pre-built Apple elements to use and when to avoid custom development.

Back in 2009 apps were cool. Today they're often an integral part of our daily lives. If an app is quirky or buggy users will quickly delete it and find an alternative. That's why we work with our clients to make sure their app makes good business sense. Before we design and build, we also make sure our clients properly budget for ongoing maintenance to make sure the app will continually meet users' expectations. Our goal is for every app to be a great success.

80% of Android users will delete an app after using it for the first time if they experience issues with bad design, usability or load time. Our philosophy is that apps must be connected to leverage content and commerce by delivering on customer expectations right down to how gestures perform in the palm of their hand. We know that creating great experiences has a powerful impact on business; that's why we focus on creating the best, leveraging the latest in Android Model View Presenter (MVP) pattern and to enable app longevity and simplified maintenance. From reducing battery drain in apps, to minimizing memory usage to improving the transition from app to web content, our fundamental goals are delivering the best in user experience and business usability. We build Android apps that are CMS and cloud powered, giving businesses flexibility in maintenance.

And We Will Make Your Mission Ours