What's the difference between a DAM and a CMS?

With all the buzzwords thrown around when it comes to web development, it can be hard to tell them apart. At Oshyn's Tech Mornings: Content Management event, our VP of Services, Christian Burne, goes over the difference between a DAM (Digital Asset Management) and a CMS (Content Management System) and how you can decide which is right for your business.

Video Transcript:

Christian Burne, Oshyn: “I typically explain the difference between DAM and CMS in terms of example. A DAM, you are going to be managing your media assets - that means video. DAM will help you do things like encode a single video into multiple different platforms. But a CMS, content management system, refers to more than just a web content management… but web content management, WCM, is managing text - pieces of text - that are going to make up your website. Text and images are going to make up your website. If you have video on your website, you can definitely manage video inside of your WCM but if you had 2 terabytes of video and you needed to encode them for 5 different platforms then you probably wouldn’t want to manage that video inside of WCM. Instead you would also pair that with a DAM and manage that video inside of that DAM. So companies that do a lot of video production like TMZ or a lot of the entertainment companies - the Skool - they should really be relying on a DAM instead of trying to stuff all that stuff inside of a WCM. It’s going to do it a little, but it’s not going to do it really well. And DAM is the same way. DAM you can do a bit of content management for web but it’s not really going to do it that well. It really focuses on managing the media assets.”