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Uptime by Oshyn Product Update

Aug 19, 2021

Back in January, we announced a new service for post-launch site management called Uptime.

Our intention with Uptime is to provide peace of mind to site owners through reliability, transparency, and the ability to continuously make improvements quickly to keep up with market demands.

What’s New

Uptime is a mixture of software and services, and in this video I want to share a quick update on some exciting new features we've been working on as well as tell you some of the benefits our clients have experienced so far.

Dashboards are central to Uptime since they help you monitor and track your progress against your KPIs. In the latest release of Uptime, we’ve added a few new dashboards:

Scan Dashboard

The first is the Scan Dashboard — we scan your site nightly for SEO issues and SEO performance, accessibility issues, and broken links. With the dashboard you can monitor your progress on those metrics over time, even setting alerts and notifications. This new dashboard will help make sure that your pages rank high in search engines and that your pages reach a wider, more inclusive audience.

Google PageSpeed Insights Dashboard

Next we created a Google PageSpeed Insights dashboard. This one is important for customers because Google's latest search algorithm uses these scores to affect your search results rankings. For our dashboard, the scores are recorded hourly so you're able to track your performance on these metrics as they change daily or throughout the day and compare them to your scores from last week or month.

Build Dashboard

Third, we have a new Build Dashboard that provides build information from our static code analysis, unit tests, and code coverage. You will know at a glance how your builds are progressing and be able to quickly identify issues with your code before a major deployment takes place.

UI Test Dashboard

And finally, the new UI Test Dashboard helps you keep a close eye on your site's test metrics including your successes and failures from the UI tests over time. Comprehensive automated testing provides a greater degree o f confidence when you deploy code and so, with this dashboard, you will be able to quickly assess the quality of your bug fixes and enhancements, as they are built, to minimize your test and deploy cycles.

Benefits Seen by Our Customers

Oshyn's customers using Uptime have already seen real benefits. Beyond their overall peace-of-mind, here are a few specific, real-world examples of things we've seen:

One of our customers migrated to a new cloud hosting provider in order to cut costs. Because we were closely monitoring using our Google PageSpeed dashboard, we were able to detect a 30% decrease in their page performance due to the new provider. We then used the monitors to troubleshoot and quickly resolve the performance issues.

Another one of our customers was experiencing site outages and they had NO idea, but I can tell you, their users definitely did. We instantly detected the outages and helped them take action to correct the problem.

And finally, another one of our customers was experiencing search results that changed dramatically from day to day. The didn't know this and couldn't tell by looking at the page themselves. Because of our monitoring, we were able to show them the problem and track down a search index issue that resolved the situation.

I’m really excited about the Uptime service and what it can offer our customers. If you'd like to learn more about Uptime, please visit uptime.oshyn.com. We'd love to chat and find a way to help you sleep better at night.

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