Rev Up Your Sitecore Discussions with a Website Health Check


Have you ever found it challenging to get the dialog started with your stakeholders when looking for more budget around your Sitecore platform? I hear you.

In sales calls I frequently hear statements like:

  • We’re trying to get budget.
  • We need to wait another year to upgrade.
  • We’re on 7.x but it’s still working…
  • We have performance issues BUT…
  • We need to prove ROI on Sitecore before we can get more budget.

You get the gist. Lots of people need help with Sitecore and struggle to get projects in motion. Sometimes it seems this might be because Sitecore itself is not perceived as public-facing. We understand that there’s a bit of a perception game here: it’s easy to brush things aside that don’t appear to directly benefit how your customers perceive—or buy from—your business.

So we built a tool, Health Check, to analyze the performance of public-facing Sitecore sites. We’ve found that it provides tangible evidence of issues that directly impact customer experience.

Would you like to start the conversation with your internal stakeholders by letting them know:

“Our site can easily be identified as a Sitecore implementation from the outside and is therefore a security risk, because it’s easier for hackers to find a path in. [Insert pause for dramatic effect.] But it’s not a platform problem, it’s the way it was developed—and it can be fixed with proper maintenance.”


“Our homepage is loading too slowly because of the way that it’s coded. People expect pages to load instantaneously. We can achieve that with JavaScript Minification and removal of unused CSS.”

We’ve even found that teams with awesome sites can benefit. We recently had a request for a Health Check and a call. We ran the Health Check, and when looking over the results, I thought, “Oh dear.” We had never seen such good results on a Health Check. They weren’t just good, they rocked! We got on the call and explained how they could improve their already awesome SEO. They seemed surprised. And they asked for a proposal.

Everyone I’ve spoken to has gotten value out of our Health Check. And they’ve all left our call with some new ideas on how to spark conversations about investing in their site and Sitecore implementation.

If you’re interested in a Health Check, contact us.