Overview of What to Look Forward to in the New Sitecore 8 Release

When Sitecore announced Sitecore 8 at their recent Symposium in Vegas, we were excited for this product update. The theme of focusing on digital experiences of Sitecore Symposium has definitely carried through into Sitecore 8. Here’s our overview:

Sitecore 8 login screenshot

From the initial get go, one of the new features that stands out the most in Sitecore 8 is the new User Interface as it is completely different form previous versions of Sitecore. Starting from the login screen, it has a new look and feel with sharp and straight edges.  In addition, the new UI does not have the three editing options. Instead, these options will be displayed according to the user’s roles and permissions.  This new UI is a huge upgrade from the pervious, somewhat dated UI of other Sitecore versions.

Sitecore 8 UI screenshot

Another interesting feature that Sitecore 8 has is the Predictive Analysis by Machine Learning. This new feature helps companies to understand their customers’ behavior and predict future trends. Sitecore 8 will still be using MZAzureML, a cloud computing Machine Learning platform that obtains data from Sitecore’s databases, thus predicting future trends. This way companies can be prepared to analyze their campaigns for different products. 

Sitecore 8 will have more integrated features. For example, it uses the Federated Experience Manager to track and personalize customers from non-Sitecore websites. Testing is no longer limited to only users with certain permissions, but every user that updates content will now be able to test.  This way the data can be send to the Machine Learning Model to predict new trends. The Experience Profile also makes it easier to track customer’s online and offline activities. 

Sitecore 8 content editor screenshot

Sitecore 8 has evolved significantly from previous versions. It has a new look and feel that will astound the user at first glance. It has new technology for predicting customer behavior and predicting trends. To top it all off, all of its new features are integrated seamlessly, a huge benefit to Sitecore users.