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Oshyn's Higher Education Solution Offerings

Sep 21, 2009
Shawn Simon
Shawn Simon

Oshyn provides industry and technology experience in solving five key 'areas of challenge' facing executive decision-making and strategic planning within HE industry. The solution set includes expertise in business process, project delivery, both Java and .Net frameworks along with a multitude of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Approaches designed holistically for Higher Educational organizations.


Higher Education Providers (both Online and Campus Based)

Target Groups with ROI

VP of IT, VP of Enterprise Architecture Integration & Functionality

VP of Operations, VP Business Applications Maintenance & Flexibility

Business Units: Admissions, Registrar, Bursar Process Improvement


HE Areas of Challenge

  • Specialized Admission Process
  • Consolidated Student Experience
  • Accounts Receivable Scope
  • Partner Channels
  • ERP (SIS) Upgrade / Replacement

Specialized Admission Process

Admissions starts from moving a prospect to an applicant (filling out a form and submitting it), to reviewing their credentials and advising (transcripts, program selection, degree choice), to finally driving to an admission decision, enrollment and following up (student on-boarding, registration, provisioning). Each organization will treat these steps differently, each with the same goal in mind: to seamlessly drive prospects to student life while demonstrating competitive differentiation. Oshyn is prepared to meet common challenges including the number of systems involved, term starts and timings, degree/program combinations, managing dual-degree applicants, and process automation for applicant communications as well as student on-boarding such as account creations and user credentials.

Consolidated Student Experience

Regardless if it's a campus based or online institution, a student experience that includes quick and accurate access to data and action is vital to retention and competitive advantage. Primarily student experience starts with the classroom management: class registration, access to course materials, and grades. The natural extension is to include campus email and campus life portals, as well as bursar information about billing/finical aid and registrar transcripts. Oshyn has solved all these basic problems and now is offering sophisticated solutions in student 'action' for institutions needing to empower students to make payments, change courses, order books and update personal information electronically. Online learning adds to the mix a learning management system (LMS) which students expect seamless integration making the technology transparent with a focus on learning not computer frustration. Oshyn aims to leverage their expertise in online learning process automation and integration for the campus based organizations as well; moving the entire applicant to graduate life cycle to a paper-minimum electronic framework.

Accounts Receivable Scope

Oshyn has proven experience in B2B communications and specifically designed and delivered solutions for the HE industry, accounting for various differing sources of payment. They accommodate personal payments via online (PayPal), over the phone (VeriSign) or by mailed check via Lockbox (BOA). Payment plan challenges from AMS, BOA and Sallie Mae as well as financial aid modules (PowerFAIDS) are all part of Oshyn the solution set to expand your organizations A/R scope. Let's remember that financial transactions are not just about communications but with deep experience in SOX and PCI compliance, Oshyn has an attention for detail that includes the enterprise-class traceability, reporting and error-resolution key for passing stringent audits.

Partner Channels (Enterprise Footprint)

This challenge is better stated as enabling the HE organization to leverage functionality across the enterprise: inter-departments, multi-institutions or even global communications. Firstly Oshyn positions its technology leaders in both .Net and Java solutions to provide custom departmental utility toolsets. These niche applications provide value-rich options for solving institutions specific requirements for gaps like order management (fulfillment) or faculty compensation models. Secondarily, extending these problems outside the walls of the organization and the same technology approaches can help share course offerings (for online learning) or even data models and backend systems for two colleges leveraging the same resources. Finally, as the HE industry grows internationally solving problems of foreign currency, non US postal addressing and shipping and various languages becomes paramount. Oshyn is prepared to meet the need.

ERP (SIS) Upgrade / Replacement

Arguably the most pervasive IT/Business decision that can be made in the HE industry is to make a major change in the institution's Student-Information-System. The integrated SIS acts like the HE version of ERP managing almost every aspect of the applicant and student. Registrar, Bursar, Financial Aid, Admissions, Administration and historical data are all areas the SIS impacts as part of an HE organization. Due to end-of-life, strategic roadmap or capacity planning, many organizations are moving from or to SunGuard Banner and/or Datatel Colleague. Oshyn has extensive experience in migrating from one SIS to other the other while minimizing overall impact the organization. Often times a large undertaking, Oshyn provides PMO and Analysts groups as well as process and technical engineers to maximize SIS feature sets while maintaining core organizations business processes that make up the institution. With SOA methodologies, Oshyn aims to reduce complexity of overall infrastructure, increase availability to accurate and precise data to all systems, and provide real-time access to all SIS activity across the organization as well as carefully navigating the delivery, QA, and business pitfalls of such an effort.

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