What's new in Sitecore 8?

When you first login to the new Sitecore 8, you’ll definitely notice a change (a new login page, to start). Sitecore 8 has some major differences from previous versions – like naming, UI, features and more.

Here are a few naming changes you’ll notice:
  • Page Editor is now “Experience Editor”
  • Marketing Center is now “Marketing Control Panel”
  • ECM is now “Email Experience Manager”
So, should you upgrade to Sitecore 8? Here are some features you can expect with an upgrade to this new platform:

Experience Features

  • New UX & UI that provides a slick experience 
  • New Dashboard providing a centralized place of all features of the experience platform - grouped into sections for Marketers, Editors, and Developers
  • Availability of additional features from Experience Editor Ribbon

Developer Features

  • New SPEAK based UI which has been extended with more components - giving a consistent experience
  • Extended Reporting API to extract Data in Experience Analytics
  • Versioned Layouts allowing for different presentations on different versions of different languages
  • Mongo Database as Collection Database for collecting huge amounts of visitor behavioral data and a new reporting database for consolidation and reporting on the collected data

Marketing Features

  • Experience Database collects all online and offline interactions to provide for managing customer experience in real time
  • New “Experience Explorer” mode lets marketers test marketing automation and simulate visitor experience
  • New reports in Experience Analytics prove valuable insights into your marketing campaigns
  • Integrated Social Connected module i lets you connect to Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, & Twitter
  • Path Analyzer feature analyzes the site visitor's behavior in the site
  • Federated  Experience Manager that can provide tracking on external sites
  • New reports in picking winners of A/B tests and optimization efforts
  • New performance reports on not only tests, but also on individual testers giving insight into the optimization efforts of each individual

These features would give your organization a way to understand your visitor behavior and optimize your efforts of reaching to them without any custom code. From what we've seen so far, Sitecore 8 is an exciting new release that your editors, developers and marketers will love!