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Creating Your Own Feed Adapter for Sitecore RSS Module

Nov 09, 2011
Pablo Bustamante
Pablo Bustamante

Creating feeds with the RSS Module for Sitecore is simple and easy, everything has been setup to allow you to do just that, create feeds. But Like everything in life there is always something that is not covered by the current way of working, that is when you notice that for each RSS feed Item you have a field called “Feed Adapter Type”, where you can place the class and library that will handle the feed item.

feed field

To implement your own feed adapter you need two things:

  • Sitecore Libraries (.dll) probably located in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\<name of site>\WebSite\bin

  • RSS Module Library (Sitecore.Modules.RSS.dll) also located in bin folder

Once you have this two things you can create your own class library project in Visual Studio, reference this libraries and then create your own class. This class needs to extend from Sitecore.Modules.RSS.Extensibility.FeedAdapter and can override any of the following the virtual methods:

  • Equals

  • GetFeedItems

  • GetHashCode

  • GetItemAuthor

  • GetItemDate

  • GetItemDescription

  • GetItemLink

  • GetItemTitle

  • ShouldIncludeItem

  • ToString

After creating your own version you can simply copy the libraries (and pdb files if you want to debug it) to the bin folder of the Sitecore website. Replace the value of the field “Feed Adapter Type” with the proper <namespace>.<classname>,<DLL file name without .dll>, publish your changes and check your feed, it should be working now with your code.

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