Advantages of HTML5

Audio and Video Playback without any Plug-in

With HTML5, you can stream audio and video with no need for a third-party plug-in such as Flash. You can create player controls that are fully programmable with JavaScript.

Code Maintenance

In HTML5 we have new structural elements instead of traditional div tags to create page template, the final result will be cleaner and more organized code.

Local Data Storage

HTML5 allows local data storage from the client side. The data can be accessed to support the web application and it can even be accessed when the client is disconnected for a short period of time.

There are; methodologies for storing data: session storage, local storage and database storage.

Reduces Development Costs

HTML5 introduces new elements and features that allow developers to improve interoperability, handling elements in a precise way saving time and costs.

Great for Mobile Devices

HTML5 could be the solution to faster applications that will be accessible universally across all mobile phones.

New Forms

New form types and elements will help you certify that the information entered online is completely accurate. There won’t be any need to run additional scripts for checking validation. This speeds up the loading time and the user experience will be enhanced.