What Is Sitecore Customer Data Platform?


Sitecore Customer Data Platform (CDP) is another addition to Sitecore’s robust, feature-rich platform for enterprises. With enterprises looking to facilitate more personalized experiences and enable actionable insights, it’s increasingly crucial to bring together data from connected devices for better customer experiences.

Sitecore CDP is one avenue to do that. Gartner defines a CDP as “a marketing system that unifies a company’s customer data from marketing and other channels to enable customer modeling and optimize the timing and targeting of messages and offers.

With Sitecore CDP, you can leverage a single point of integration to unify and personalize their customer data and experiences across multiple channels. This article introduces Sitecore CDP and its benefits to enterprises.

What Is Sitecore CDP?

Sitecore’s CDP is powered by Boxever–a 2021 acquisition by Sitecore– to gather and analyze customer behavior across all channels, such as web, app, email, and IoT-powered devices. It is a cloud-based customer data platform that offers real-time insight and intelligence on visitors and customers.

In essence, it provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers, enables advanced segmentation, and facilitates real-time decision-making by giving your customer interactions greater relevance and engagement.

The Sitecore CDP performs several functions. It helps enterprises:

  • Import data from other sources and channels using secure APIs
  • Track real-time visitor interactions with digital touchpoints such as the web, mobile app, and email
  • Access and activate customer data using secure PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and generate profiles using behavioral, historical, or transactional data
  • Sort and filter data with similar attributes, behaviors, or transactions
  • Utilize PII and non-PII configuration options to ensure the safety of enterprise data
  • Get actionable customer insights from all data points
  • Use real-time insights from your audience to share and activate learning throughout your enterprise
  • Unify customer data across all channels by collecting, connecting, and integrating
  • Try out new ideas and identify trends in your consumers’ behavior

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What Problems Do Enterprises Solve With Sitecore CDP?

Gathering data from multiple sources spanning servers, web, email, CRMs, and more remains a huge obstacle for many enterprises. As such, enterprises need a platform that can effectively collect, analyze, and unify data across channels for personalization. With Sitecore CDP, enterprises can leverage an API to share data across several platforms.

As a result, the CDP helps in capturing, unifying, and activating customer data and delivering personalized experiences at scale via Sitecore’s Customer Intelligence and AI-driven capabilities. Plus, it helps to seamlessly connect with other services and platforms, making it easier to access CDP data for further analysis and customer interaction management.

Stages of Sitecore Customer Data Platform

The following are the primary stages:

1. Data collection:

In this phase, enterprises gather and analyze individualized customer data from several sources in real-time without any storage limitations. For instance, the CDP can collect data on detailed customer engagement overviews such as numbers of days active, basic contact info, and spending patterns. Other data include the type and length of channel sessions and loyalty data.

2. Profile unification:

It helps to identify individual users, clean up their data, and link and aggregate them across multiple devices.

3. Segmentation:

Once you have the data you need, you need to segment them into sections or subsets of users with shared attributes, behaviors, and spending patterns. The CDP enables enterprises to deliver better-personalized services, filter out relevant and irrelevant data on visitors, and drive business success.

4. Decision Making:

Sitecore CDP provides analytics, rules, and solutions to determine the best customers to speak with, the best topics to discuss with customers, which channels are most suitable, and when to reach out to customers.

5. Activation:

This last phase involves sharing data segments and instructions on how to activate them with engagement tools for email, SMS, and social media campaigns.

Why Enterprises Choose Sitecore CDP

Omnichannel Personalization and Optimization

Enterprises can facilitate scalable and personalized omnichannel marketing by aggregating all data into a single system to better engage visitors in real time and guide them toward the right action.

Efficient Customer Data Management

Enterprises can define their own conditions for the acquired data and segment them. For instance, an enterprise wishes to create a campaign aimed specifically at recent and recurrent young customers. To do that, they can create a new segment and include customers less than 30 who bought more than two specific products within the last 6 months.

Integrations to Enable Better Customer Experience

By leveraging a modern platform like Sitecore, enterprises can access several other features to facilitate a better overall experience. They include features for a CMS, email marketing, personalization, analytics, and many more. Together with Sitecore CDP, these tools can provide them with more compelling experiences across all channels.

Deeper Understanding of Customers

Behavioral data is pulled from every channel (web, mobile, apps, emails) and combined with enterprise data from a database, data warehouse, CRM, etc. With all data in one place, enterprises can harness its full potential and automate a few processes or make better informed decisions.

Harness The Power of Customer Data

Clearly, Sitecore CDP adds a new dimension to personalization and optimization capabilities for Sitecore by integrating real-time customer data. Having access to synchronized behavioral data across all channels and platforms provides endless insight, enables segmentation, and provides a better customer experience.

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