Using CTAs in your CMS

Sep 15, 2009
Oshyn Labs

CTA means Call To Action. CTAs are items on your website that trigger the visitor do something like making a purchase or downloading a file. By having effective CTAs on your website you can boost your conversion rate (Number of Goal Achievements divided by visits). You can find more examples on Squidoo. Sounds so simple!

But how do you monitor your CTAs and their effectiveness? By having A/B versioning functionality in your Content Management System (like that available in Sitecore's Online Marketing Suite) you can compare versions and see how consumers reacted differently. You can use that data to change the future style of your CTAs. Can you easily change the CTAs in your CMS?

HubSpot has created yet another great tool on, Action Grader (though still in beta), that allows you to add Action Grader code and see the number of click-throughs on each page of your website. You can analyze which CTAs are getting lots of attention and which are being ignored right down to each page. This is fantastic, especially if you use the same CTA on multiple pages.

Check out's new tool and come back and tell us what you think. Do you have tips and tricks to share about creating more effective CTAs?