Improving Web Accessibility for a Healthcare Provider’s Headless Sitecore Website

Laptop Screen with Promedica Headless site

Non-profit healthcare provider ProMedica serves northwest Ohio, southeast Michigan, and southern Pennsylvania residents. Its subsidiary, Paramount Healthcare, offers health insurance products to Ohio and southeast Michigan residents.

Promedica / Paramount Healthcare logos

Implementing vital web accessibility standards on a headless website for a healthcare provider.

The Challenge

Following the launch of brand new websites for ProMedica and Paramount Healthcare, ProMedica wanted the websites to be web accessibility compliant up to the WCAG Level AA standard.

As a healthcare and insurance provider, web accessibility would help ProMedica comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design (ADA) and HIPAA requirements. This would prevent them from being fined, allow them to reach a wider audience, and improve the user experience for existing visitors.

The Solution

Oshyn, with its proven expertise in web accessibility, had recently completed another successful Sitecore project for ProMedica on behalf of Quigley-Simpson. This made them the ideal choice for implementing web accessibility modifications. Oshyn used accessiBe, an advanced accessibility scanning tool to help identify and resolve over 3,000 accessibility issues, across the two websites, 100 Sitecore templates and 10,000 pages demonstrating their thorough understanding of the subject. They also provided Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) to determine where improvements needed to be made.

Promedica/Paramount Healthcare website on laptop screen

The Outcome

Thanks to Oshyn’s expert assistance, both ProMedica and Paramount Healthcare websites have undergone a transformative change. They are now fully accessible up to WCAG Level AA after 3,000 accessibility issues were resolved. This achievement not only ensures compliance with web accessibility standards but also significantly improves the user experience for all visitors, thereby enhancing ProMedica’s reputation and search engine rankings.

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