TCDRS Portal login screen on desktop computer

The Challenge


TCDRS, one of the largest retirement funds in Texas with over $30 billion under management, wanted to provide its members with improved identity solutions and a seamless digital experience.

Having worked with Oshyn in the past, TCDRS knew they could trust us to handle their needs for the sensitive and highly-regulated financial services industry.

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The Solution


We recommended a redesigned web portal that included an intuitive interface, reliable identity protection using Okta, direct banking integration using Plaid, and a digital application for retirement using DocuSign. TCDRS consulted with Oshyn to implement these new solutions. TCDRS’ developers were also trained by Oshyn in Okta implementation.

Oshyn developers provided the expertise that TCDRS lacked, with front-end and back-end developers combining to create an easy-to-use and functionally sound web portal.

The retirement application within the portal consisted of eight steps and took multiple rounds of regression testing for different scenarios and points of failure.

By using agile development techniques, developers were able to change course and accommodate complex requirements, providing open communication channels between TCDRS and Oshyn and removing silos.

TCDRS Portal on desktop screen

The Outcome


The processing time for one application in TCDRS’ web-based retirement app now takes ten minutes instead of one week. Oshyn also enhanced the security around the Okta login process, helping to secure the data of over 300,000 members.

With Plaid integration, users can now link their bank accounts to the TCDRS web portal and receive retirement benefits directly to their bank without having to leave home.

As a result of this successful implementation, TCDRS decided to partner with Oshyn once again when they wanted to revamp their public, Episerver-powered website.