Project Rescued: Bringing Technical Leadership to a Website Development Project

Orange life buoy floating in sea representing a rescued website.

A global consulting firm provides its customers with the support to overcome their biggest challenges and offers expert advice that helps them optimize performance.


Oshyn stepped in to fix a troubled project and successfully launched new sites on a tight timeline while restoring the technical integrity of the implementation.

The Challenge

For a global consulting firm, providing clients and customers with trusted advisors to help them overcome their greatest challenges, no matter the complexity, is not just a mission but a commitment to excellence and innovation.

However, after embarking on a website redevelopment project with another agency, the firm dealt with a slow, buggy, and difficult-to-scale website that lacked localized content for the three regions they wanted to penetrate.

A key component that made customers believe in this global consultancy was its presence across multiple regions and cities worldwide. Unfortunately, the firm’s customers could not browse the website in the language of their choice, and its search engine was doing a poor job of finding and showcasing industry insights.

With a vast library of content at their disposal and a marketing strategy that involved providing expert insight to their customers, these challenges impacted the firm’s status as a leading consultancy firm.

The consulting firm relied on different agencies to implement frontend HTML and Sitecore, which led to project inefficiencies and implementation challenges. Plus, the agency in place before Oshyn lacked the technical leadership required to advise and execute on the project.

Oshyn needed to perform an upgrade while reimplementing the website using Helix best practices. Additionally, Oshyn had to earn the client’s trust by implementing their vision within a 6-month timeframe, using what remained of the budget.

The Solution

The Oshyn team quickly showcased its ability to adapt to challenging situations and work under duress by diving into a project that needed to be started and completed within four to five months so that the consulting firm could maintain its schedule.

Oshyn displayed its flexibility by offering recommendations during a few weeks-long discovery phase that would provide the direction for the project. Working alongside a digital transformation agency that provided a project manager, Oshyn provided architects and an expert development team. Together, they spearheaded the website development and implementation phases of the project, displaying an ability to devise and execute a strategy without shirking on quality.

Oshyn was instrumental in guiding the frontend team in developing the markup for the website. They were tasked with migrating all content from previous templates and structures in Sitecore 9.2 to the latest version and performing a multisite implementation that merged four websites into two.

Oshyn also guided the setup and hardening of environments, migrated old content that resided in old templates into new templates and structures using Sitecore Powershell, and implemented features built to support multi-site architecture.

The team successfully implemented a multiregional site template so that the consulting firm’s team could spin up new sites without additional development. A refreshed ‘Contact Us’ form was implemented that included reCAPTCHA and honeypot mechanisms to prevent spam and push leads into Eloqua Marketing Automation System. Additionally, the implementation of Coveo Search provided the global search capabilities previously lacking on the firm’s website.

Consultants reviewing websites

The Outcome

Oshyn helped launch the new website within the desired time frame despite all the challenges the consulting firm initially faced. Some of the key results include:

  • Restored technical leadership and direction that convinced the client to work with Oshyn on further projects.
  • Six websites launched in 6 months, targeting North America, EMEA, France, and Germany.
  • A successful Coveo implementation streamlining searches and customer journeys.
  • The new website contributed to a 16.2% increase in the firm’s stock price over the following 12 months.
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