Delivering a Personalized Web Experience for a Healthcare Provider Through Continuous Development Work

Computer screen with ACH website on Research page

Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) is a pediatric hospital with a Level I trauma center that treats infants, children, teens, and young adults. It also serves as a teaching hospital for the University of Arkansas for Medical Science’s Department of Pediatrics.

Oshyn's continuous development service provides a better web experience for patients and their families.

The Challenge

ACH had launched its website but needed ongoing support to implement new features, including personalization and search functionality, that weren’t completed during the initial development.

ACH had been working with brand experience design firm White Rhino to help with specific design-related tasks. However, with digital marketing and operations teams eager to meet revenue targets, ACH needed support to continuously enhance website features.

The Solution

Oshyn was consulted due to its expertise in Sitecore. After performing a code audit of the existing Sitecore 9 solution, Oshyn began gathering requirements for new features, including personalization, search optimization, and other capabilities that would enhance marketing strategy.

Oshyn implemented personalization on new pages on the website and Coveo for search to identify synonymous terms and improve the user experience. Additionally, a cookie compliance mechanism was implemented to ensure the website was cookie-compliant and that users could easily manage their cookie preferences.

Through a collaborative and transparent communication approach with ACH and White Rhino, Oshyn provided technical analysis and feasibility assessments of new designs and features to be added. By utilizing the Wave approach, an agile project management methodology, Oshyn could accommodate urgent requests from the marketing and operations teams that weren’t part of the original scope of work without causing project delays.

Promedica/Paramount Healthcare website on laptop screen

The Outcome

Oshyn successfully implemented the new features, paving the way for Arkansas Children’s Hospital to deliver a personalized experience for website visitors. The ongoing work on the site also led to Oshyn being contracted for a website redesign project that would further enhance the user experience.

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