Implementing Sitecore Content Operations For a New Direct to Consumer Brand

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A manufacturer of premium audio brands offers a brand portfolio that delivers home theater and personal audio listening experiences to a wide range of consumers. They provide various audio products, including high-end and custom installation audio, loudspeakers, AV receivers, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and more.

Manufacturer of Premium Audio Brands
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Introducing Content Operations helped an audio equipment manufacturer successfully complete its transition to become a DTC brand.

The Challenge

The audio equipment manufacturer historically relied on a B2B business model where they sold their range of audio products to retailers. Their legacy brochure website was where consumers could find those retailers’ locations and then visit their online or physical stores.

However, the audio equipment manufacturer sought to upgrade the website and CMS to improve the digital experience and sell directly to consumers (DTC) online. They had been working with a development agency that would implement Sitecore 9.1 to handle both the new website and ecommerce functionality.

With no in-house Sitecore expertise available, the audio equipment manufacturer turned to Oshyn to manage their content operations. They needed help making changes to copy and updating pages and providing ongoing content editing support.

The Solution

Oshyn repeatedly showcased the knowledge and expertise to manage complex website redesigns and any Sitecore-related project, making them the obvious choice to help the audio equipment manufacturer get its new commerce website up and running. The Oshyn content operations team would deliver content creation services and interact with translation services to provide global content as the team became the brand’s primary content editing service provider.

Overcoming Workflow Challenges
Oshyn helped the audio equipment manufacturer and the implementation agency organize things internally by gathering business requirements from the marketing team and delivering them accurately to the development team. This included creating defined streamlined workflows and efficient processes that ensured timely content delivery.

Providing Full-Service Content Editing
As a global brand with thousands of pages that needed to be updated frequently, the audio equipment manufacturer needed a CMS expert to help get marketing campaigns up and running quickly. Oshyn’s Sitecore expertise allowed them to create content quickly and efficiently, including landing pages and other content assets.

Using extensive Sitecore proficiency, the content editing team provided detailed instructions to the development team on what components needed to be built. This included taking into account what existing components had already been built and pulling everything together to create new content pages.

Oshyn introduced rigorous quality assurance processes to catch and rectify errors before content went live. This new approach would enable the brand to focus on coordinating campaigns and improving its marketing strategy without worrying about the ins and outs of Sitecore.

Plugging Skill Gaps
Oshyn showcased its versatility across various domains, such as HTML, CSS, image editing, and optimization. This enabled Oshyn’s content operations team to seamlessly integrate into the client’s workflow and fill critical gaps in the design of media assets and the development of front-end components.

Oshyn continued to provide content services as they built multiple visual design elements and pages. The team actively collaborated with the audio equipment manufacturer, incorporating input and feedback to ensure the final output aligned with the client’s vision. This included successfully translating the multiple websites in the audio equipment manufacturer’s portfolio into up to 17 different languages in some cases.

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The Outcome

Oshyn successfully assisted the audio equipment manufacturer with the launch of its new commerce websites. Throughout the project, Oshyn displayed a commitment to maintaining and enhancing the audio equipment manufacturer’s online presence across diverse brands and locales, reflecting a dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions.

Having created all content pages and documented all components available to build web pages, Oshyn handed over the ongoing website maintenance to a new internal marketing team, who now had the capabilities to continue creating content and reusing existing components as they saw fit.

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