Streamlining Content Operations for a DTC Brand After Re-platforming to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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A leading audio equipment manufacturer offers a portfolio of audio brands. Together, they each provide a unique spin on home theater and personal audio listening experiences to a wide range of consumers. This includes various audio products, including loudspeakers, AV receivers, high-end and custom installation audio, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and more.

Manufacturer of Premium Audio Brands
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Streamlining content operations provided a performance boost for the audio equipment manufacturer's DTC marketing team as they re-platformed to Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

The Challenge

Following an acquisition, the audio equipment manufacturer team sought a new commerce platform. One that could provide enhanced flexibility, user-friendliness, and overall website stability, which would help the DTC team improve sales. With the previous Sitecore Commerce platform, the DTC marketing team wasn’t empowered to update the website and create new product pages independently.

Additionally, Sitecore hadn’t been implemented following best practices. It led to challenges in maintaining consistent and reliable website performance, including outages and a subpar checkout experience.

The audio company sought to unlock more flexibility, enabling the organization to swiftly respond to market changes and emerging trends, reduce downtime, improve the user experience, and provide more autonomy for the DTC marketing team.

They replatformed all websites to achieve this goal and introduced Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) as the new e-commerce platform. However, although SFCC promised improved user-friendliness, the content operations weren’t correctly set up for the marketing team to use, so they turned to Oshyn for help.

The Solution

The Oshyn team displayed a track record of service excellence with a history of delivering high-quality content editing services, consistently meeting or exceeding client expectations. The previously successful Sitecore project working with the audio equipment manufacturer was a testament to Oshyn’s competence, and they were selected again to assist with this project.

After the implementation of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and re-platforming was completed by another agency, Oshyn’s content entry team recreated all content pages on the new platform for the multiple brands under their umbrella. Oshyn displayed attention to detail as pages were created in English and then needed to be translated into over ten different languages due to the global nature of the audio manufacturer’s audience.

Oshyn’s expertise in streamlining workflows and building relevant components in Salesforce Commerce Cloud was highlighted as the team created content and sought to make the content editing process easier for the DTC marketing team. Product detail pages were difficult to update so the Oshyn team built new ones using raw HTML and JSON before providing the DTC team with a user-friendly workflow, allowing easier editing and maintenance.

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The Outcome

Oshyn successfully enhanced the workflows and user experience for the DTC marketing team. With the ability to edit content independently without developer assistance, the marketing team began to take on ownership of the audio brand website. This led to more efficiency for the team in managing content, making updates, and refining the online shopping experience.

The audio brand appreciated Oshyn’s work and commitment to delivering an outstanding solution to their client. Consequently, the audio equipment manufacturer achieved an increase in sales which was aided by improved site performance, increased stability, and a better customer checkout experience.

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