Environmental Heroics: Joining Forces With NW Natural to Offset Carbon Footprints

NW Natural website displayed on a laptop on a desk

NW Natural is Oregon’s largest natural gas utility, with more than 2.5 million customers worldwide. The company is responsible for distributing natural gas to commercial and residential sectors.

NW Natural

A smooth launch of a new program helps NW Natural customers reduce their environmental impact.

One of NW Natural's recent initiatives includes a carbon emission offset program as a way for customers to balance some or all of the carbon footprint accumulated through natural gas usage. Included in the monthly customer bill, Smart Energy purchases carbon offsets and renewable thermal certificates from projects that reduce or prevent the release of greenhouse gasses.

NW Natural needed help integrating the project into an overall portal upgrade to make this new program appealing to existing customers.

The Challenge

As a long-term Oshyn client, NW Natural had already tasked Oshyn with performing a Sitecore migration and upgrade project. After proving their Sitecore expertise, Oshyn needed to integrate the Smart Energy project into the portal.

The major challenge was that the Sitecore upgrade was already happening in parallel, which meant additional building and testing challenges for the Smart Energy app. Oshyn also needed to collaborate with an award-winning creative design agency (XO agency) to redesign the Smart energy flow and then develop the newly approved website redesign.

The Solution

Since they were already performing a Sitecore upgrade, Oshyn became the logical choice to build out the Smart Energy app, which would be an Angular app represented by a handful of new pages in the existing portal. Here, Oshyn was able to showcase the capacity to pivot and adapt to new challenges.

The team developed a project schedule to address all work activities while iterating in two-week sprints to achieve measurable results and demonstrate progress. As the project advanced, Oshyn executed the additional requirements and functionally requested by the customer during development, which demanded changes in logic and functionality not included in the original functional requirements.

Having previously worked with the design agency, the Oshyn team was lauded for its ability to collaborate in both the design and development phases of the project despite each having separate SOW, budget, and implementation teams.

Daily scrum meetings helped to keep the project on track and address additional issues as they arose. Oshyn offered technical expertise to assess the feasibility of UI and UX designs, including documenting the Technical Design and Functional specifications related to the NW Natural Smart Energy Enrollment Process, and also developed code for the new feature.

NW Natural website on laptop screen

The Outcome

Oshyn oversaw the successful launch of a redesigned Smart Energy sign-up flow with no issues reported after launch. Through transparent and timely communication, NW Natural’s confidence in Oshyn has continued to rise, and seen additional statements of work set to be signed with new projects in the pipeline.

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