Migrating a Healthcare Company to a Headless Website on Sitecore 10

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Non-profit healthcare provider ProMedica serves northwest Ohio, southeast Michigan, and southern Pennsylvania residents. Its subsidiary, Paramount Healthcare, offers health insurance products to Ohio and southeast Michigan residents.

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  • Technologies
  • Sitecore 10.2
  • Sitecore Managed Cloud
  • Vercel
  • Next.js
  • SSG

Oshyn rescued a troubled project by providing expertise and transitioning two healthcare websites to a headless Sitecore implementation.

The Challenge

ProMedica sought to upgrade the user experience on its ProMedica and Paramount Healthcare websites. They initially turned to creative marketing agency Quigley-Simpson to help with the project. However, to successfully launch the new websites, a CMS migration would also be required.

Quigley-Simpson contracted another implementation agency to assist with migrating from CrownPeak and implementing Sitecore 10.2 as the new DXP. However, after over a year with no tangible results, they reached out to Oshyn via Sitecore to salvage the implementation and get the ProMedica and Paramount Healthcare websites up and running.

The Solution

Oshyn was selected due to its Sitecore expertise; however, the team also showcased the ability to streamline and organize projects by implementing a Scrum framework and following an agile methodology to see the project through to completion.

“Using the agile approach, we could oversee communication between the development team and the client, ensuring that tasks were completed within the deadline.” said Augusto Davalos, Project Manager at Oshyn.

Oshyn migrated all content assets from CrownPeak and implemented Sitecore 10.2 on Sitecore Managed Cloud. This was crucial for the ProMedica team as it would allow them greater control over their technical data and infrastructure, given that they were in a highly regulated industry and would need to follow HIPAA compliance.

As the initial Sitecore implementation didn’t follow best practices, the Oshyn team made changes to reduce code complexity, remove duplicate components, and add new search functionality using Solr. This would enable the ProMedica development team to conduct easier maintenance later on and the marketing team to have a smoother experience while creating or updating content.

The frontends of the new ProMedica and Paramount Healthcare websites were also transitioned to headless sites on Vercel leveraging Static Site Generation (SSG) using Next.js. This would provide improved performance and speed resulting in improved Google Pagespeed scores and SEO, enable better usability for frontend developers and allow them to incorporate dynamic content elements such as real-time updates and personalization to enhance the user experience.

Promedica/Paramount Healthcare website on laptop screen

The Outcome

Oshyn completed the website implementation and launch, which featured over 10,000 pages of content. The new search functionality improved response time from up to 1 minute to under 2 seconds. In addition, moving to a headless website enabled ProMedica to realize speed and performance improvements that helped boost search rankings and enhance the user experience.

“I am grateful for Oshyn’s hard work and dedication to this insane project. It was difficult in the beginning, but they helped us to complete it within a reasonable time frame, and without them, none of this would have been possible.”

Katherine PenixProject Manager at Quigley-Simpson
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