A New Headless Beneficiary Portal on Optimizely Streamlines Administrative Processes

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TCDRS, a long-standing Oshyn client, is one of the largest retirement funds in Texas. Since 1967, it has provided retirement, disability, and survivor benefits to its members.

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  • Technologies
  • Azure DevOps
  • Optimizely CMS
  • Angular
  • Okta
  • Typescript
  • MVC
  • Bitbar

Oshyn makes it easier for beneficiaries to access benefits by implementing a headless administration portal built in Angular with Optimizely, OKTA, and Azure DevOps.

The Challenge

TCDRS had been struggling to manage the number of requests from beneficiaries of deceased members. This meant a lot of paperwork to process and a congested call center due to questions from beneficiaries, which caused productivity issues.

To solve this problem, TCDRS contacted Oshyn to help them create a new headless portal on the current website that would enable beneficiaries to access the system as users. In turn, they would be able to manage the process of obtaining their inherited benefits, whether they were direct beneficiaries, representatives of direct beneficiaries, or entities.

The Solution

Oshyn leveraged an agile approach to implement the new beneficiary portal on the website. With the previous website built on Optimizely CMS, Oshyn created the portal with a headless approach using Angular, HTML, CSS, and Typescript.

As part of the solution, Oshyn employed Azure DevOps for CI/CD pipeline integration, established the TFS control system for project management, and orchestrated testing and deployment processes across Dev, QA, UAT, and Prod environments.

Oshyn also integrated Okta for login and authentication functionalities, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), while leveraging Bitbar to execute comprehensive QA processes, utilizing simulators to test across various browsers and mobile devices, ensuring optimal usability.

The new portal contained Registration and Login pages for survivor beneficiaries, representatives of survivor beneficiaries, entities, a dashboard, and a post-application dashboard, among other pages that helped ensure beneficiaries had a smooth user experience.

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The Outcome

Oshyn delivered a user-friendly portal that streamlined administrative processes and reduced the bureaucratic burden of managing beneficiaries. This increased efficiency for TCDRS employees and expedited the delivery of services or benefits to beneficiaries. With the new portal, TCDRS could enable its employees to focus on revenue-driving activities while achieving enhanced client retention and acquisition opportunities.

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