A Tech Audit and Sitecore Upgrade Lead to a Better CX and Easier Management

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The Ask

Dole’s mission is to bring sunshine to every day. In 2018 part of that strategy required moving to the latest version of Sitecore to continue improving customer experiences and to better deliver on GDPR.

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The Experience

Dole inspires customers with innovative recipes on and since adopting Sitecore they’ve seen increased engagement and familiarity with Dole's extensive product range. Upgrading to Sitecore 9 along with environment improvements would strategically prepare Dole to continue bringing innovative experiences to their customers.

The How

First, Oshyn completed a tech audit which is a rapidly deployed evaluation of the current implementation and integrated systems. The tech audit identified opportunities to improve the customer experience through technical architecture and hosting in addition to Sitecore’s improved features.

In conjunction with upgrading to Sitecore 9, Oshyn built entirely new production and non-production environments that are highly available, secure, high performing and follow best practices using Microsoft Azure PaaS. To enable Dole to respond quickly, have increased transparency, and to improve quality, Oshyn built a brand new continuous integration and continuous delivery process using Azure DevOps. In order to guarantee the site works exactly the same post-migration as it does pre-migration, Oshyn created UI Tests based on Jenkins and Selenium.

Now Dole is even better prepared to handle new data privacy legislation from around the world, handle growing volumes of traffic, and create experiences that align to visitor preferences.

Communication is one of the biggest factors... They talk to us about everything and always keep us in the loop.

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