A Sitecore Website Redesign Leads to 40% Performance Improvements for a Healthcare Provider

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Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) is a premier pediatric hospital with a Level I trauma center that treats infants, children, teens, and young adults.

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Early involvement in design and effective agency partnerships significantly enhance a Sitecore implementation.

The Challenge

ACH had been running its website on Sitecore 9.2. However, the children’s hospital wanted to redesign the website’s core pages to incorporate feedback from internal and external users and help them meet the latest visual design trends. Additionally, they wanted to simplify navigation and improve interactions between the hospital and users on the website.

ACH had been working with White Rhino, the experience design firm, on the initial redesign. Having worked closely with White Rhino and ACH on a previous maintenance project, Oshyn was consulted again to assist with the redesign.

The Solution

Oshyn was selected due to their deep understanding of Sitecore and familiarity with the White Rhino and ACH teams.

Oshyn conducted a comprehensive technical assessment to accurately determine the feasibility of new requirements during the design phase. While White Rhino completed the initial designs for the website's desktop and mobile versions, the Oshyn development team evaluated the proposals before building the required components for the front end in Sitecore.

Coveo was implemented on new pages to improve search functionality, while Oshyn also conducted performance monitoring and analysis to guarantee that site performance wasn’t impacted by the latest features. They also conducted user acceptance testing to ensure that the website met the demands of the marketing and operations teams.

Using the Wave methodology and its flexible team composition, Oshyn could scale up team size as required to boost velocity without compromising on deadlines, as new requirements from other departments were frequently added throughout the project.

Promedica/Paramount Healthcare website on laptop screen

The Outcome

Oshyn completed the redesign of the ACH website, creating a sleek new navigation that would entice visitors to spend more time on the website. They also saw over 40% performance improvements on their Home, Search, Doctor Profile, and Program & Services pages. Since implementing these changes, the hospital has had a more engaging, accessible, and user-friendly online presence that matches modern expectations, making patients and their families feel welcome.

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