A Custom .NET Application For a Feature-Rich Website

Man using Carmichael's custom application

The Challenge

Carmichael International Services provides various logistic services, including International Freight Forwarding, Information Systems, Internet Tracking & e-Business Solutions, Supply Chain Management, Custom Administration, and more.

They needed to implement enhancements to their customer portal to enable users to receive notifications with meaningful information about their shipments, improve interactions with their customer service representatives and provide additional security with multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Carmicahel web application

The Solution

Oshyn implemented several features for Carmichael, including:

  • Multifactor authentication to reduce the risk of a security breach and protect client data.

  • Search capabilities for multiple values to allow users to search imports with several key values and not only by one key.

  • Tagging of all shipments so they could be easily checked on the dashboard.

  • Notifications that enabled users to receive notifications every time a report is ready for download and a global alert that allows them to notify users about any topic or banner that will appear on their dashboard.

Other features were implemented, such as Partnered Government Agency Updates, multiple document downloads, document upload for iNote, sending reports to different emails, user management, and chat integration with Microsoft Teams.

Oshyn opted for Twilio to provide MFA, Enable Studio for embedding chat integration with Microsoft Teams, and introduced an API integration with AS400.

While building the solution, there were high dependencies on the delivery of AS400 APIs. The MFA solution also needed to be custom-built and integrated with outdated technologies meant that some legacy code was still being maintained. However, Oshyn was also able to add regression testing and test cases for over 20 new features.

The Outcome

With Oshyn’s help, Carmichael gained a live website with extended functionalities. Some additional work included creating a teaser video for new features that also worked as a user manual and a demo to help customers understand the new features.

Oshyn’s trustworthy and reliable work has made them Carmichael’s preferred choice for more than 20 years.

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