A Fast Migration to Sitecore Cut Costs and Increased Marketing Capabilities

CUNA Mutual on tablet and mobile

The Ask

CUNA had a time-sensitive need: a dated CMS supporting three sites was growing complicated and expensive for it to maintain, but CMS license renewals loomed large on the horizon

CUNA Mutual on tablet computer

The Experience

With the clock ticking toward licensing renewals for the old CMS, Oshyn accelerated migration to Sitecore using our signature automated migration product, Siteport™. CUNA now enjoys simpler maintenance and release rollouts and business users win with less reliance on technical support for daily marketing.

The How

CUNA's sites and custom digital marketing tools were migrated in 12 months. Using Siteport, Oshyn was able to speed up migration and reduce content freezes. Now with reduced development costs and a marketing team equipped with a powerful digital marketing platform, CUNA can focus more on delivering revenue.

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