Sitecore Upgrade for a Better Mobile Experience

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The California Teachers Association Member Benefits (CTAMB) is a subsidiary of the California Teachers Association (CTA) and National Education Association Member Benefits (NEAMB), which offers insurance, retirement support, financial benefits, and discounts on travel and other activities for teachers.

The company needed to upgrade from an older Sitecore implementation to the most recent version and refresh its website to a more responsive version.

The Challenge

CTAMB needed to upgrade from Sitecore 6.6 to Sitecore 9 to leverage additional features. Their current website also needed to be refreshed to be more responsive and improve the experience when customers browsed on mobile devices.

Having implemented the previous Sitecore 6.6 version and being a longtime partner of CTAMB, Oshyn was again selected to perform this task. This time, the company needed to showcase not only its expertise in Sitecore but also speed and effectiveness, as CTAMB needed the project completed within ten weeks.

CTAMB website on tablet screen

The How

Oshyn displayed its project management skills by creating and following a four-pronged action plan to perform the upgrade to Sitecore 9. This also included refreshing the website, integrating with Active Directory, adding single sign-on to partner sites, and building Death & Dismemberment benefits forms for the website.

The first step required Oshyn to showcase its knowledge of UX design, working with the frontend development team to deliver a new responsive website experience. Next, the development team set up the latest version of Sitecore and leveraged the Sitecore Express migration tool to migrate content from the previous CMS. The team reconfigured the code to ensure no performance dips and integrated single sign-on (SSO) and the D&D forms.

Oshyn’s ability to perform under pressure and adapt to trying conditions was also tested as they encountered various challenges. The biggest of which was that many of the tasks were performed in parallel, which meant ensuring that each stream was efficiently performing its action items and bringing it all together to meet the project’s goals.

However, the well-thought-out approach that began at the start of the project ensured that the Oshyn team was well prepared, could manage dependencies, flag issues quickly, and relied on an agile team to work efficiently in completing the project.

The Experience

Oshyn oversaw the successful upgrade to Sitecore 9 and a new responsive website, enabling CTAMB to leverage several new features and integrate with partner sites via SSO. CTAMB has retained Oshyn and aims to use them on additional projects in the future.

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