A More Reliable Registration Process Through Automated Testing

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Since 1967, Texas County & District Retirement System (TCDRS) has been trusted to provide retirement, disability and survivor benefits to its members.


The Challenge

Texas County & District Retirement System (TCDRS) works with employers to provide its members with retirement, disability, and survivor benefits. To ensure a reliable experience for members, Oshyn was tasked with building automated tests for various processes, including member registration using the TestComplete suite.

The Solution

Oshyn began by analyzing the TestComplete tool to understand the processes, components, and tests that could be performed using it.

Despite not having previous experience with TestComplete, the Oshyn team was able to perform the UI test automation and created UI tests for common elements of basic pages by leveraging their previous expertise.

They created automated workflows for the registration process. The most commonly requested tests, UI tests, were performed, as well as additional requirements, including integrations with third-party systems and user registration from external Excel spreadsheets. website

The Outcome

Oshyn was able to provide TCDRS with a more reliable user experience, particularly in the registration process. The Oshyn team’s experience with UI testing enabled them to build a solution using TestComplete that performs tests of new components along with successfully automating the testing of the member registration processes. TCDRS remains happy with the work performed and continues to engage Oshyn for ongoing work.

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