New Optimizely B2B Headless and Composable Commerce Platform Drives Sales Across Web and Mobile

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The Challenge

AudioDigest needed to untangle the website buyer journey, which was outdated and broken and causing lost conversions of continuing education subscriptions for their busy professional healthcare customers. They wanted to create a crisp, simplified commerce experience that minimized abandoned shopping carts while maximizing revenue and upselling.

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The Solution

AudioDigest turned to Oshyn to build a new B2B headless website and implement a composable commerce approach to help them get more out of new and existing tech solutions.

In just five months, Oshyn built a new, headless commerce platform on Optimizely Configured Commerce (formerly Optimizely B2B Commerce/InsiteCommerce) to deliver a connected experience across the web, iOS, and Android devices. Unique buyer personas were identified, which guided the user interface and visual redesign.

“They took ownership of the product and are very knowledgeable about our process,” said Wolters Kluwer developer Curtis Palmer at.

Oshyn migrated 2,500+ landing pages to the new commerce website, ensuring all content, metadata, and functionality remained intact.

Optimizely B2B Commerce simplified customer management, and deep ERP integration into all AudioDigest back-end systems became part of the new composable commerce solution.

The Outcome

The new Optimizely-powered composable commerce solution allows a seamless experience across device platforms, integrates composable payment gateways, and allows AudioDigest to iterate rapidly to optimize conversion performance.

Highly specialized visitors are now served relevant content, discounts, and promotions with a smooth check-out. As a result of the personalized user experience, AudioDigest sales more than doubled.

AudioDigest now delivers powerful integrated marketing and online commerce, boosting online sales by more than 130% within ten months of launch.

They pride themselves on their service and treated our business as their own.

VP of TechnologyLearner's Digest / Wolters Kluwer
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