An AEM to Sitecore Migration in Record Time

Digital data transfer technology with light pulses

A leading semiconductor company provides technologies that play an integral role in how customers collaborate, educate, and entertain themselves. Their semiconductors are used for numerous applications across industries providing connectivity.

Leading semiconductor company

New features, including an overhauled search experience and better performance, were delivered in under 3 months.

The Challenge

After a recent acquisition, the semiconductor company needed support migrating from Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to Sitecore, where the rest of its digital infrastructure was already established.

Based on feedback from internal teams and external customers, they also wanted to refresh the user interface to incorporate the latest visual design trends. This included adding new features to facilitate interaction between clients and electronics distributors and creating new communication channels, such as chatbots, that matched the modern digital experience environment. These changes would help them boost user engagement on the website and generate more sales.

The semiconductor company began working with a digital agency to facilitate the website redesign and migration. However, with only three months to complete the migration and build a fully functional website, Oshyn was consulted due to their years of experience working with Sitecore.

The Solution

Oshyn was selected to drive home this project due to its expertise in Sitecore and AEM, flexibility, and ability to meet tight deadlines. The Oshyn team provided a technical assessment to assist the digital agency during the design phase. This helped identify which pages should be consolidated and which must be ruled out to meet the minimal viable product (MVP) specifications and deadlines.

Oshyn conducted extensive research to facilitate implementation and was lauded for early and frequent communication with the design team. This enabled quick identification of potential risks before they became more significant, allowing the team to meet the aggressive deadline.

“By following an agile methodology, we could capture immediate feedback from the client and implement changes quickly,” said Gustavo Villacrés, Technical Project Manager at Oshyn. “As extra features were added mid-project, the Wave approach made it possible to implement these changes and increase speed to remain on course with deadlines,” he added.

Oshyn leveraged Sitecore to power the new website and provide a home for over 7,000 technical products. Due to performance issues and the semiconductor company’s desire to improve the website’s usability, Oshyn redesigned the search experience by implementing SearchStax Cloud and introducing faceted search to enhance the user experience.

CTAMB website

The Outcome

The Oshyn team successfully unified the new website's design and functionality and improved the product page user experience. New communication channels were added to enable eager customers to contact sales easily. By implementing SearchStax Cloud, Oshyn improved the performance across the website, particularly the Product Specifications page, resulting in a loading time of under one second. These improvements led to increased sales that could be attributed to the new website.

“I wanted to acknowledge the incredible work and achievement of this team under what was a fairly unreasonable timeline. [Our] clients are thrilled.”

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