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Sitecore Website Marketing

In today’s crowded digital space, it’s not enough just to build a great website. Next, you have to market it, especially if you have an ecommerce site that sells products directly to customers.

Fortunately, the Sitecore platform comes equipped with powerful tools that enable you to develop and execute an aggressive, targeted marketing strategy. The team at Oshyn can help you craft that strategy and set up Sitecore’s innate capabilities to achieve your goals.

Sitecore Marketing Automation

Beginning with the release of Sitecore 9.0, the platform now includes the Marketing Automation tool, which allows you to set many of your marketing campaigns to run automatically in the background. Once you set up this tool with the parameters of your campaign, you no longer need to perform repetitive mechanical actions such as gathering data and generating reports.

Sitecore’s powerful built-in analytics also allow you to collect user data: who is visiting your site and how many of those visits become transactions. Analytics are an essential part of any marketing campaign, and Sitecore’s tools allow you to view your data and analyze trends in more detail than ever.

Creating a Marketing Campaign

Any marketing campaign begins with a few basic questions: what product or service are you selling? What is your target audience? How can you advertise your product to that audience? These days, an attractive website is a key element of your business’s customer-facing experience. Potential customers will often judge a business based on its website alone, which is an extra incentive to take advantage of Sitecore’s powerful marketing features.

Marketing a website begins with ensuring that the website itself runs smoothly, loads quickly, and has an intuitive structure that guides customers to what they’re looking for. Too many intrusive design elements that make it hard for customers to find a specific product will turn them away, leading to fewer sales and low user retention.

Oshyn can assist with every stage of the process, from helping your team implement Sitecore’s marketing capabilities to training your team to consulting with you to ensure you take advantage of best practices for successful marketing campaigns. Contact us to start the process of Sitecore website marketing.

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